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A JFA instructor inspires coaches and players with new approaches during the summer camp in Chinese Taipei

02 August 2017

A JFA instructor inspires coaches and players with new approaches during the summer camp in Chinese Taipei

JFA Coaches Training Director YAMAGUCHI Takafumi held a coaching workshop at the Chinese Taipei Academy Summer Camp which started on Friday 14 July. This was the eighth year that JFA dispatched an instructor to the camp.

Local junior and high-school players and instructors across the country participated in this one-week camp which was held in Chiayi City located in the south of Chinese Taipei. In the first half of the camp, practical training sessions and lectures were offered in addition to coaches training courses using the analysis of international tournaments. In the latter half, the participating coaches gave the local players hands-on training based on what they learned from the the first half of the camp.

JFA has been proactively sending coaches and instructors to Asian countries for assisting the development of football in the continent.


YAMAGUCHI Takafumi, JFA Coaches Training Director
The level of football varied among the players and coaches who joined the camp from all over the country. We had to be creative and devise a good training program as well. Many enthusiastic participants gave us some positive feedback, such as ‘”We are quite pleased to learn the up-to-day global football trend and what is required for Asian countries including Japan to compete against the top countries in the world.“ We would like to work together with involved parties to make further improvements for the camp next year.

Participating Player
There were three main points in the training: 1. Square to the target (ball) - a receiver of the pass must be in a position to see both the passer and the attacking direction; 2. Timing to receive the ball - forward players must find the right timing to get unmarked before receiving the ball; and3. Prediction and pressing in defence.

In fact, I did not actively participate in defence in the past. However, watching the video footage where the forward players put high-pressing on the opposing defenders and regain possession upfront to create decisive scoring chances, I realised that a good prediction in defence is also required for attacking players as well.

Participating Instructor
It was my first time to receive a systematic course in coaching football. I learned that every one of the moves or ideas can lead to a completely different outcome in addition to realising the importance of vision and first touch in football. Training was much more effective than doing it alone. I aspire to teach the joy of playing football to many children as well. I would like to thank the hosts of the training camp, National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport Women’s Football Team, and instructor Yamaguchi. I hope to join again next year.

Participating Instructor
I was nervous at the beginning of the practical training sessions and worried that I might not be able to do them well. I was overwhelmed with new ideas instructor Yamaguchi gave to us and had to put all my energy in simply performing the required tasks on the pitch. We learned and practiced while passing decision making and supporting other players while passing in attacking and putting strong pressure on the ball holder by reading the situations correctly was practised in defence. These minute but important things are easily overlooked, and I would like to share with others as well. During the video-footage analysis, instructor Yamaguchi explained the gap in football between Japan and the top countries in the world. Japan did not conceal what they were lacking, but instead are closing the gap by educating their weaknesses as well. I wonder whether Chinese Taipei can do the same. Academy is the place where many of the top coaches come together. I would like to contribute to the football in Chinese Taipei as well. 

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