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JFA dispatches Japanese instructor for the Goalkeeper Coaching Course in Nepal

09 September 2016

JFA dispatches Japanese instructor for the Goalkeeper Coaching Course in Nepal

A Japanese instructor organised a Goalkeeper Coaching Course in Nepal. This course took place with the collaboration of the Technical Director of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), who is also dispatched from Japan.  In addition to the Nepalese instructors,  goalkeepers of the Nepal Men’s and Women’s National Teams also attended in this course. 

JFA has been dispatching Japanese coaches and instructors to Asian countries for assisting the development of football in the continent. 

Instructors' Comment

OGATA Gyosuke, JFA GK Coaching Instructor
It was a great surprise that national team players joined in this course in addition to instructors of Nepal. I believe that they learned the importance of “taking steps” and “looking at details” through lectures and practical sessions. We also had a discussion about ‘how we develop Nepal’s football.’ Every participant listened and learned with high motivation. This has become an exciting experience for me as well. 

Participant's Comments

It was a wonderful training course. I hope I can be a coach of the same level as Mr. Ogata. In order to be at his level, I need to learn more about coaching. This time, I especially learned the step-by-step coaching approach for U-12 players. Mr. Ogata was a very friendly instructor.

NAMITA¸ Goalkeeper Captain of the Nepal Women’s National Team
I was very happy to attend this course. I have learned that the goalkeepers have to make frequent adjustments in order to take the right positions according to where the ball is.  Mr. Ogata has instructed us in detail about why positioning is so important.  He also stressed that it is essential to watch the surrounding situation as well. He was always smiling and very friendly to us. The five days of the training has gone past very quickly.  

Overseas dispatched coach

TAKEDA Chiaki, Technical Director of the All Nepal Football Association
This Goalkeeper Coaching Course was very fruitful for the development of football in Nepal. I deeply appreciate Instructor – Mr. Ogata and JFA for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. Since 2008, we didn’t organise any courses for goalkeepers, hence ANFA started again GK courses from this year. However, we still need to invite instructors from abroad to hold high-level training. Development of technical skills and tactical knowledge of local instructors is one of the urgent needs for Nepal’s football. I deeply appreciate JFA’s assistance and wish to continue working together on various exchanges. 

Overseas dispatch of Official JFA Licensed Coaches

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