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JFA invites FIFA futsal referee instructor from Spain

25 May 2023

JFA invites FIFA futsal referee instructor from Spain

JFA invited Mr. Pedro Angel Galan Nieto, FIFA Futsal Referee Instructor from Spain, in conjunction with the F. League Ocean Cup 2023, which took place from 15 May to 21 May.

During the tournament, feedback sessions were held by Mr. Pedro after matches, where the referees used video footage of the matches they were in charge of to discuss what factors to prioritise when positioning themselves and how to assess each situation. They then used their learnings in the next match to better their refereeing. These sessions also provided JFA futsal referee instructors a priceless first-hand opportunity to discover more efficient ways to deliver feedback and approaches to improve the referees' performance.

Mr. Pedro also gave a lecture on the operation of the Video Support (VS) system, which was introduced from the FIFA Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2021™. Through case studies of events reviewed on actual match footage, referees and referee instructors gained a better grasp of how the latest technology is used in real matches and what to look out for when using VS in a match.

In addition to the feedback sessions, the participating referees spent a week learning about international standards from the discussions with FIFA's top instructor, who shared with them the latest information from Spain, one of the top nations in the futsal world, and the European leagues, as well as other topics.

FIFA Instructor’s Comment

Mr. Pedro Angel Galan Nieto, FIFA Futsal Instructor
Thank you for inviting me to Japan. Japanese futsal is played at a very fast pace which means that referees must also maintain a high fitness level in order to officiate the matches. The players and teams were well managed, and I felt that the level of referees has improved compared to the past. Throughout the tournament, the referees took on the challenge of resolving their issues, which led to better refereeing on the final day. We hope to continue to build on our relationship between Japan and Spain to improve the quality of referees and referee instructors.

JFA Instructor’s Comment

NOBUMOTO Yasukazu, JFA Futsal Referee Instructor
We have invited Mr. Pedro, a FIFA futsal instructor from Spain, to help develop top-level referees in Japan, especially FIFA Referees, as opportunities for them to work overseas have been significantly curtailed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the observation of refereeing in the F. League Ocean Cup, the participants received advice aimed towards their future refereeing career at the world stage. The participating referees showed great motivation as they sorted out their tasks for the future, making for a very fruitful learning experience.

Referees’ Comment

KOBAYASHI Hiroyuki, FIFA Futsal Referee
As FIFA Referees, we were reminded that it is important to always be aware that we are “being watched” in all circumstances. That is why we need to act with elegance and professionalism in all settings, including the way we stand. Additionally, the implementation of the VS system will lead to situations in which minor pushing and holding fouls, which were previously regarded as careless, become fouls when the play is reviewed by the VS system. Therefore, in matches where VS is used, referees must recognise the impact the system will have on players' minds and make decisions and show your standard at the beginning of the game so that players learn and may not to repeat the same for the rest of the match. Showing signals in accordance with the Laws of the Game and being responsible for each assignment within the referee team, including the third official and timekeeper, are some of the tasks that I am currently working on and will be challenging in the future.

YAMAMOTO Mari, FIFA Futsal Referee
Through these sessions, I learned the importance of always showing professionalism. We received advice on what we need to do as referees, as well as tips on basic signals and gestures. We were also reminded that trust can only be built through accumulation of our sincere responses. I am now working on my ability to read the game and on positionings that can be seen more credible. . While working on these skills in particular, I will continue to improve my refereeing skills so that I can one day have chances to officiate matches played on the Asian and world stages.

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