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Players, staffs cherish time on no-game day in Japan-Central Asia U-15 tourney

29 March 2015

Players, staffs cherish time on no-game day in Japan-Central Asia U-15 tourney

The players and staff members of the participating countries took a day off on the fourth day of the Japan-Central Asia Under-15 tournament and watched a Yamazaki Nabisco Cup game between Vissel Kobe and Montedio Yamagata at Noevir Stadium Kobe. On their way to the stadium, they enjoyed their short spare time, stopping by at an aquarium and doing some shopping. And at the game, they were awed by the high level contest while they were sending cheers to both teams on the pitch.

Meanwhile, those in charge of the management and marketing returned to Osaka after they watched the 2015 Kirin Challenge Cup between Japan and Tunisia to participate in a study group. In the study group that lasted for about three hours, those in charge of marketing of Dentsu, Inc. and Japan Football Association addressed about the current status of each federations in Asia, how they are supposed to run tournaments, JFA's marketing strategies and sponsorship structures as the lecturers. After the lectures, they held a heated Q&A session, showing their active attitude that they want to contribute to their respective countries and their football there.


Ali Yama(Competition Management, Afghanistan)
Because we took the marketing lecture after we watched a game at the stadium, it was easier for me to have images of the JFA's thoughts and activities, and I thought it was very effective. It was the first time for me to hear about the field of sports marketing, and it was very beneficial. I thought it was a great idea to use children for sports activities (such as flag bearing and escort kids). I think that it will be wonderful that other Asian countries, not just ours, have a chance to study from Japan, have them come to their places and come to Japan for workshops, so they can share the know-hows.

KANAT ASENOV(Competition Management, Kyrgyz Republic)
We are thankful that we were given the special chance to watch the Japan national team game in Oita. We had a chance to see behind the scenes at the stadium and found some things that we can start doing right away back in Kyrgyz Republic. Back home, we only have three to four staff even at our A-team games, but we heard that some 20 staff come from the JFA for running their games, so we were surprised with their scale. Their national team are well known by their citizens in Japan, but it's not the case in Kyrgyz Republic, so we felt that we needed to raise the recognition of our national team first. The lecture we took today was a big step for us. If we are given another opportunity, we hope to invite Japanese staff people to let them see how we run ur games in Kyrgyz Republic, and get some comments and advices from them in terms of our game managements.

It was great for us to be able to see a J club in person. Both teams had styles focusing on connecting grounder passes and it was a very interesting game. It was a highly technical game as well, so we learned a lot. The atmosphere of the urban stadium was very impressive, too, and I think that the supporters for Vissel Kobe were giving the players energy. I hope to play football in a circumstance like this one day.

I think that both teams were strong. Vissel Kobe had a style of connecting their passes, but their long passes were accurate as well and capitalized on those to create chances for goals. I was particularly impressed with No. 6 of Vissel Kobe. I thought that Montedio Yamagata had a lot of chances as well. Also, the supporters were great. The chants and songs by the supporters when there were players substitutions were very impressive. I realised that they really loved their team from the bottom of their heart.

※Japan-Central Asia U-15 Football Exchange Program
It is a youth football exchange tournament inviting teams from Japan and the Central Asia region. As part of the international contribution programs, ''SPORT FOR TOMORROW'', which is led by the Japanese government, the event is supported by the Japan Sport Council.
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