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Japan, Central Asia to exchange through U-15 tournament as part of 'SPORT FOR TOMORROW' program

17 March 2015

The Japan Football Association announced that they would hold a youth football exchange tournament, as part of the international contribution programs ''SPORT FOR TOMORROW,'' which is led by the Japanese government. It is supported by the Japan Sport Council and is meant for help establish the Central Asia Football Association. For the tournament, they will invite teams from Japan and the Central Asia region while they will also bring in those who are in charge of tournament managements and marketing of each country for a training purpose. The tournament and training will begin on 23 March, inviting the U-15 teams of the six Central Asia associations with the guidelines below.

The Central Asia region, which will participate in this tournament, were approved as part of the AFC, independent from the South and Central zone, in the AFC's general meeting in June last year. The JFA hope to make it as part of their support for developing football in the area.

Outlines for the Japan-Central Asia U-15 Football Exchange Programme

23 March through 30 March, 2015

J-GREEN SAKAI (145 Chikko Yawatamachi, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka Prefecture)

Participating teams:
Six countries from the Central Asia (Afghanistan, Iran, Kyrgyz, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan), U-15 Japan national team, JFA Academy U-15 team (Fukushima and Kumamoto Uki), FC Tokyo U-15Fukagawa, Kyoto Sanga FC U-15

Tournament format:
-Groups stage with two five-team groups and placement matches
-A team should consist of 17 players and five staff members

Those who are in charge of tournament management and marketing that will visit Japan are scheduled to participate in practical training and classroom lectures during the above-mentions tournament, while they will also attend a Kirin Challenge Cup match between Japan and Tunisia on 28 March in Oita.


''SPORT FOR TOMORROW'' is an international sports contribution program that the Japanese government runs between 2014 and 2020. It is subjected for over 100 nations and 10 million people. Its main purposes are to convey the value of sports and expand the Olympic/Paralympic movement to all the generations.

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