(1) Life in Academy: Lodging (Dormitory System) + Weekend Return Home

Students live at a dormitory in J-GREEN Sakai (DREAM CAMP) as they gain football training and comprehensive education.We provide effective nurturing while they train, eat, rest and learn necessary subjects as a proper daily routine.The students return home on weekends.We only accept students who can return home with reasonable easiness at the end of each week.

  • □A part of accommodation facilities in J-GREEN Sakai (DREAM CAMP) is used only as the dormitory of JFA Academy Sakai.
  • □Our dormitory is regarded as a place where students can make communications and interactions as well as receive education and learning opportunities.
  • □It results in leaving from family at the period when they need it closely, but they can return home on every weekend.
  • □Regarding their overall life including weekdays, we also cooperate with their school to support them.Our way of approach to the students is to collaborate with academy staff, school and local community to provide adequate care as well as keep close contact with their parents.
  • □In case of disease, injury, etc., we have adequate medical treatment led by academy's medical staff in conjunction with local medical institutions and the Sports Medical Committee.
  • □Academy staff members stay at the dormitory to be responsible for their dorm life.


Academy students attend their local school Sakai City Tsukisu Junior High School for their school life.By focusing on not only the football programme but also school life and social life appropriate for junior high school students, we provide adequate education on the academic side as well.

(3)Education besides school programme: JFA Programme

To foster human resources who can lead society as a true elite, we implement various JFA programmes and daily communications into the dormitory life apart from school curriculum.
We focus specifically on acquisition of logical communication skill, language learning and leader education.Our students learn and practise the behaviour in everyday life which is necessary for them as an athlete to improve and bring out the performance.

(4)Team Activity

Although JFA Academy Sakai offers training to improve students' individual skills but does not register as a team to participate in official competitions. But we work on training matches as part of our training session.Each individual is to belong to his/her own team and return home on weekends to join their team's training and matches.

~Teams students belong to~

[Aichi Prefecture]
FC Hotts (Class 3)
[Mie Prefecture]
Iga Football Club Kunoichi Satellite, Kusunoki Club Ladies
[Gifu Prefecture]
Gifu Women's FC Phoenix
[Shiga Prefecture] Otsu Victories Soccer Club, All South Ishiyama SC (Class 3)
[Osaka Prefecture] FC Vitoria, Osaka Toin Athlete Club Flamingo Football Club U-15, Cerezo Osaka Sakai Girls, Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies, Takatsuki Football Club Junior Youth (Class 3)
[Hyogo Prefecture]
INAC Kobe Leonessa B, INAC Kobe Leonessa U-15, CALDIO Football Club (Class 3), FC Terra
[Tokushima Prefecture]
Premier Tokushima Soccer Club (Class 3), Tokushima Lateesha
[Okayama Prefecture]]
FFC Wellness, Okayama Yunogo Belle U-15 - U-18
(random order))

(5)Social Life

When it comes to living at dormitory away from parents and attending the local school in Sakai City, living their life with only football peers and football itself is not how it is supposed to be in their ages.
As well as various activities in school, we put focus on giving interactive opportunities with the local community in cooperation with the local city (Sakai City), Sakai City Education Board and the Osaka Football Association.

The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values