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Vietnam Women’s Futsal Team holds training camp in Saitama (24 to 30 July)

04 August 2017

Vietnam Women’s Futsal Team holds training camp in Saitama (24 to 30 July)

Vietnam Women’s Futsal Team held a 7-day training camp at FFC Higashi-Kawaguchi in Saitama Prefecture from Monday 24 to Sunday 30 July. It was their second training camp since November 2013 and was aimed at strengthening the team for the 29th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games Kuala Lumpur 2017. During their stay, they played three training matches against the Japanese women’s teams and recorded two wins and one loss.

【Training Match Results】
26 July (Wed.) vs TOKYO FUCHU ATHLETIC F.C. PRIMEIRA ○4-0 (2-0) 40min.x2
27 July (Thu.) vs FFC Estrela NOVO KAWAGUCHI ○9-1 (4-1) 40min.x2
28 July (Fri.) vs FUGADOR SUMIDA Ladies ●1-2 (1-0) 40min.x2


Overall, I can say that the camp was a success. I would like to thank all the people who supported this camp. The quality of all training matches was very high. It was an exciting experience for my players to come and hold a camp in Japan. We would like to come back to Japan again.

NGO LE BANG, Assistant Coach
We were well-prepared for the camp in Japan. All three matches during the camp were of high quality. As my players indicated, these quality matches are valuable experiences and important for our team. In the SEA Games and in the subsequent tournaments, we are aiming to play with strong physicality and introduce quick movements as demonstrated by the Japanese players. I personally like Japan very much. This is not my first visit to Japan. Every time I come here, I am impressed by their kindness and the cleanliness of the cities as well. We are considering of holding a training camp here in Japan ahead of every major tournament such as the SEA Games.

TRUONG KIM NGAN, Player (Captain)
I believe that Japanese players have excellent techniques and their level of futsal is much higher than ours. This camp really helped us. We do not have many occasions to play such quality matches and this camp gave us an excellent opportunity to improve ourselves. I also believe that Japan is a wonderful country. We enjoyed our stay here and wish to come back again. We hope to use all the experience that we have gained through this camp, and to win the SEA Games.

Receiving teams of the AFC Member Associations for training camps in Japan

Upon receiving a request for a training camp in Japan, Japan Football Association will make all the arrangements including training matches to support the strengthening of the national teams of the Member Associations.
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