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Class S Coach Training Course 2022 Module 5/Intensive Course (12) Participant's Report Vol. 14

13 December 2022

Class S Coach Training Course 2022 Module 5/Intensive Course (12) Participant's Report Vol. 14

The final intensive course of the course began two weeks after the conclusion of Module 4. The atmosphere was tense as written and oral exams, which served as a summary of the training course, were held on two of the four days. The order and themes of the practical coaching exams were chosen on the last day as the final week approached.

Module5・Intensive Course ⑫

Duration:Mon. 28 November - Thu. 1 December

Mon. 28 November PM Guidance: UKISHIMA Bin (JFA Class S Instructor)
Dreams make us stronger: KAWABUCHI Saburo (JFA Executive Advisor)
Tue. 29 November AM Professional Coaching Theory: SHIBUYA Hiroki (former coach of Jubilo Iwata)
PM Professional Coaching Theory: AKIBA Tadahiro (former coach of Mito HollyHock)
Physical Conditioning: OTSUKA Shunsuke (Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo)
Wed. 30 November   Written and oral exams
Thu. 1 December AM Written and oral exams
PM Written and oral exams
Module5 review/Coaching exam guidance: UKISHIMA Bin (JFA Class S Instructor)

Participant's Comment

Mr. Machinaka Daisuke (Gamba Osaka)
The days have flown by, and the Class S Coach Training Course 2022 is nearing its end, with just one last intensive course left before the final exam.

The first day started with a lecture given by Mr. KAWABUCHI Saburo, who served as the first chairman of the J.League. Here we learned about how Mr. Dettmar CRAMER, the “father of Japanese football,” influenced and laid the foundations for the Japanese football world, and how he treated everyone with respect and chose his words carefully around the players. It reminded us of the power of words and the importance of humanity. After that, we listened to accounts regarding the relationships with the past national team coaches, as well as the selection and appointment processes, which we compared with what we had learned about the coach's contract. Lastly, the lecture concluded with some very persuasive and memorable words based on his past achievements, in which he stated that the concept of the "Copernican Revolution" can be a very powerful tool in altering one’s way of thinking and ushering in a new era.

The lectures held on the second day were on Professional Coaching Theory by Mr. SHIBUYA Hiroki and Mr. AKIBA Tadahiro respectively, and on Physical Conditioning by Mr. OTSUKA Shunsuke. Mr Shibuya explained the importance of communication with the players on the pitch in order to read the game. He also stressed the importance of finding a training cycle that takes into account the traditions, culture, customs, and character of the club, which matches our own game model to maximise performance for the team’s victory. Mr. Akiba spoke about team management, including how to inspire players to compete, develop, and win as well as the significance of consistently conveying the message “I LOVE YOU” to each player. Mr. Otsuka introduced a one-week training model during the season and the use of “Monotony evaluation” to assess training variability and compare it with match results, which was a very interesting indicator.

The third and fourth days were spent on the culminating written and oral exams. The participants reflected on what we had learned so far, spent time studying for the exams to sort things out in our minds. The written exam consisted of three sections: Specialisation in Football, Coaching Theory, and Sports Science, while the oral exam was also divided into two days, with each participant taking it in turn.

The Class S Coach Training Course 2022 is down to its final week. We will try to use the remaining time as wisely as we can before the final exam so that we can start the last week in the best way possible.

Next time, we will share the report of Mr. YABUTA Mitsunori and Mr. WAKAI Kenji.

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