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HOME > National Teams > U-22 2015 > NEWS > U-22 Japan National Team beat Singapore National Team


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U-22 Japan National Team beat Singapore National Team

15 February 2015

U-22 Japan National Team beat Singapore National Team

International Friendly Match
Sat. 14 February 2015  Local time 18:00 Kick off  Match Time 90min(45min Half)

U-23 Singapore National Team 1-8(1st 0-5、2nd 1-3)U-22 Japan National Team

10min NAKAJIMA Shoya(U-22 Japan)
22min NAKAJIMA Shoya(U-22 Japan)
34min SUZUKI Musashi(U-22 Japan)
42min IDE Haruya(U-22 Japan)
45+1min OHSHIMA Ryota(U-22 Japan)
56min ARANO Takuma(U-22 Japan)
76min MUROYA Sei(U-22 Japan)
78min IRFAN FANDI(U-23 Singapore)
83min ARANO Takuma(U-22 Japan)


FW:ARANO Takuma、ASANO Takuma

HTmin IDE Haruya → ASANO Takuma
HTmin SUZUKI Musashi → ARANO Takuma
HTmin KUSHIBIKI Masatoshi → NIEKAWA Ayumi
59min OHSHIMA Ryota → YOSHINO Kyohei

Match Report

The fourth day of the Singapore tour, the U-22 Japan National Team played against the U-23 Singapore national team.

The U-22 Japan National Team started the match in a 4-2-3-1 formation, taking the initiative from the beginning. After 10 minutes, the game really started to move. NAKAJIMA Shoya at the midfield, who ran through to the space behind the opponent’s defenders, reacted to a cross from the defender MATSUBARA Ken, and struck the long-awaited opener. Japan stayed ambitious for goals. In the 22nd minute, after the defender UEDA Naomichi intercepted the ball and the midfielder TOYOKAWA Yuta dribbled it up to the front, Nakajima once more slotted it in the goal. Then after 34 minutes, SUZUKI Musashi at the front struck a shot with his right foot, scoring Japan’s third goal. In the 42nd minute, the midfielder IDE Haruya, who reacted to a pass from Toyokawa, who had run up the left side, headed one more home, adding more distance with the opponent. After the midfielder OHSHIMA Ryota struck a superb long-distance shot in injury time of the first half, the game went into the second half at 5-0.

Four players, including the goalkeeper NIEKAWA Ayumi, MUROYA Sei as a defender, ASANO Takuma up front, and ARANO Takuma as a forward, came off the bench after halftime. Japan kept attacking. After 51 minutes, the midfielder Harakawa Riki, who was fresh from the bench at 49th minute, started the attack, and both Nakajima and Asano struck goals, only for them to be saved by the opponent’s goalkeeper. However, after 56 minutes, Arano, who received a cross from the defender KAMEKAWA Masashi, struck a goal with his left foot, adding Japan’s sixth score. Then the midfielder YOSHINO Kyohei came off the bench, replacing Oshima. In the 76th minute, Muroya reacted to a ball from Nakajima, who had already scored two goals, and slotted one more in the net, making the score 7-0.

Although all the defenders formed around IWANAMI Takuya and combined to stop the opponent, in the 78th minute Japan conceded a goal after a gap was exploited from a corner kick. The players put spirit once more into the match, and after 83 minutes, Arano chipped a skilful lob over the keeper, scoring his second goal of the day. The U-22 Japan National Team won their first game in 2015 by a score of 8−1.

The players have had two practice sessions a day in a tight schedule. On the pitch, they showed what they have been preparing since last January. This tour was excellent preparation for the qualifying round of the Olympics in March. The team will play against the U-22 Myanmar national team at the Fukuda Denshi Arena on Wednesday 11 March, which will be their first match in Japan.


TEGURAMORI Makoto Head Coach
In recent years, Japanese football is often described as ‘skilful but lacking in strength’ or ‘having problems finishing with goals.’ So I’m very pleased that we could show our mental strength and numerous goals in today’s match. I’d also like to point out that the players stayed focused during 90 minutes, showing ambition for goals constantly, even after scoring many times. Having said that, we couldn’t score any after the restart, while the opponent scored a goal from their restart. We’d like to continue our best, getting ready for the friendly on 11 March and for the qualifying round at the end of March, so that we can give hope to Japan’s football.

MF 15 YOSHINO Kyohei(Sanfrecce Hiroshima)
It was my first time to join the national team since the previous Asian Games. I came on this tour, hoping that I could show off the improvement in my agility and aggressiveness. I’d like to practice hard everyday to get a position in my club team, bearing in mind what I learned during this tour or today’s match, so that I will be chosen for the match against the U-22 Myanmar national team on 11 March or for the qualifying round in the end of March.

MF 7 IDE Haruya(JEF United Chiba)
As it was my first time to join the U-22 Japan National Team, I was determined to show what I can do during this short tour. I was focusing on the result of today’s much and really pleased that I could score a goal. After going back to my club team, I’d like to be able to start every match. I will do my best, so that I will be chosen as a member of the team at the Fukuda Denshi Arena on 11 March.

MF 17 TOYOKAWA Yuta(Kashima Antlers)
I always aim at good results on tours, so that I can contribute to the matches at the Olympics, which is one of my biggest goals. Although I assisted two goals in today’s game, I couldn’t score myself. I’d like to aggressively attack to strike a goal. I’ll continue practicing what I learned during this tour back in my club team, in order to be chosen as a member for the match in March.


Thu. 12 February PM Training
Fri. 13 February AM/PM Training
Sat. 14 February 1-8 International Friendly Match vs.U-23 Singapore National Team
(@Jalan Besar Stadium)

※Local Time

International Friandly Match

Wed.11 March 2015 Kickoff 19:10
vs U-22 Myanmar National Team
Fukuda Denshi Arena/Chiba

Tickets on sale!
More information(Japanese version only)

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