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HOME > National Teams > NEWS > Japan Futsal National Team focus on physical exercise on 3rd day of training camp


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Japan Futsal National Team focus on physical exercise on 3rd day of training camp

22 January 2016

Japan Futsal National Team focus on physical exercise on 3rd day of training camp

During today’s session, the players did some stretches to loosen up their bodies, followed by some running, and gradually increasing the pace.

Then they moved onto practicing free passes to increase the sense of controlling the ball, and checked set pieces together. They also continued their physical exercises, which they started on the first day of the training camp. As it was the third day, the players gradually built momentum, and put in a good performance. The players measured their cardiac rate during sprints on the pitch, so that they could get an idea of how their bodies were reacting.

The team finished the session with some core training. The players focused on their cores, including abdominal and back muscles, and got themselves ready for the coming game.

Players' Comments

As it’s the third day of the camp, we’re getting ready both mentally and physically for the coming friendly against Colombia. From tomorrow, we’ll improve ourselves physically and raise our level as a team in preparation for the friendly as well as for the AFC Futsal Championship. I’d like to focus on each practice and build up positive momentum for the team, so that we can face games confidently.

We started with just the right atmosphere for booking a place in the World Cup, and for claiming three consecutive titles in Asia. I’d like to improve the accuracy of our strong points, including set pieces, even more, so that we can face the game in the best shape possible. I’ll get myself in a great physical condition!

We checked set pieces, did some sprints and core training in the afternoon session. We’ve been doing the same routine for three days now, and I’m getting in good condition. I feel fatigue, of course, but we stay focused during the sessions. We’ll practice even harder from now. I’d like to improve myself physically and mentally prior to the friendly against Colombia and the AFC Futsal Championship.


Tue. 19 January PM Training
Wed. 20 January AM/PM Training
Thu. 21 January AM/PM Training
Fri. 22 January AM/PM Training
Sat. 23 January AM/PM Training
Sun. 24 January AM/PM Training
Mon. 25 January AM/PM Training
Tue. 26 January PM Official training (National Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium)
Wed. 27 January 19:05 International Friendly Match
vs. Colombia Futsal National Team
(National Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium)
Thu. 28 January AM Training
Fri. 29 January PM Official training (Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium)
Sat. 30 January 14:15 International Friendly Match
vs. Colombia Futsal National Team
(Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium)

*Local Time
*The schedule is subject to change due to the team condition, the weather, etc.

International Friendly Match

Japan Futsal National Team vs Colombia Futsal National Team
[ 1st Match ] Wednesday,27 January 2016 Kick Off at 19:05 (estimate time) 
Tokyo/National Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium
[ 2nd Match ] Saturday,30 January 2016 Kick Off at 14:15 (estimate time) 
Osaka/Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium
Ticket now on sale!
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