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HOME > National Teams > NEWS > Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Women's National Team short-listed squad) training camp in Ishigaki: Strong rain, focused training


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Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Women's National Team short-listed squad) training camp in Ishigaki: Strong rain, focused training

22 January 2016

Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Women's National Team short-listed squad) training camp in Ishigaki: Strong rain, focused training

Japan Women's National Team short-listed squad had its fourth day of the camp, just at the half point of their whole training programme in Ishigaki.

In the training session starting at 3 p.m., the players went through a defence drill against cross balls and a game-style practice in a small-sided pitch for about two hours. The sky, that was showing the sun when they started warming up, changed after 30 minutes, and the girls squad were forced to train in a driving, strong rain and storm.

"The players watch video footage before practice and work on training to recognise their issues by getting to the point of necessary improvements. The Image and the actual practice is different. We still have more to work on, but it's important to do what to do over and over," says coach SASAKI. IWASHIMIZU Azusa also says, "this is a precious time for us to create good combinations between each other. We hope to become one team with repetition."

Even though the players were tired after a series of training at the beginning of the season, they were still eager to work, because it was the time to get together and get focused to face their issues.

Another game-style practice is scheduled on the fifth day of the camp on Friday 22 January. For February's Olympic qualifiers, individual competition is also going to be intense.

Players' Comments

DF  IWASHIMIZU Azusa (Nippon TV Beleza)
Looking around the entire team as a defender, I want to cope well with our strikers' moves. I hope we can create various options on both ends of the pitch. And this camp is precious to create combinations. At the same time, it's still on the selection stage within this team to make the roster for the qualifying round. I want to spend time for self-improvement as well.

GK  YAMASHITA Ayaka (Nippon TV Beleza)
When I joined the camp just before the World Cup, I got learnings from (retired) KAIHORI with her great reflexes, positioning, catching and decision-making. I had disappointment when watching the World Cup on TV in Japan as a backup member. I want to showcase myself as much as possible here. I came here to try on my decision-making and coaching skills because I got this opportunity.

There are some drills for physical training every day, and I think it's an important element. I will also focus on running as well. I think I got a good controlling skill with my feet. Compared to the players in the world, I'm small, so I will be particularly aware of passing quality. I will try to get something out of other two goalkeepers, and because there are respectful seniors here, I want to learn from them.


Mon. 18 January PM Training
Tue.19 January AM/PM Training
Wed. 20 January AM/PM Training
Thu. 21 January AM/PM Training
Fri. 22 January AM/PM Training
Sat. 23 January AM/PM Training
Sun. 24 January AM/PM Training
Mon. 25 January AM or PM (tbd) Training

*The schedule is subject to change due to the team condition, the weather, etc.

Women's Olympic Football Tournament Rio 2016 - Asian Qualifiers Final Round

29 February 2016 - 9 March 2016
Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Women's National Team)/Australia/Korea Republic/China P.R./Vietnam/DPR Korea
Round robin tournament 15 Match(Top two team will earn Olympic berth)

Mon. 29 February  vs  Australia Women's National Team
Wed. 2 March  vs  Korea Republic Women's National Team
Fri. 4 March  vs  China P.R. Women's National Team
Mon. 7 March  vs  Vietnam Women's National Team
Wed. 9 March  vs  DPR Korea Women's National Team
All competitions are held in Osaka/Kincho Stadium -19:35 kick-off (tbd)
Ticket now on sale!

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