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Kids Traveling Guidance Report (April)

20 May 2021

Kids Traveling Guidance Report (April)

With the support of the Kids committees of each prefectural football association (FA), JFA has been holding “Traveling guidance” courses throughout the nation. The courses are held by the “Traveling guidance staffs” of each prefectural FA, where the staffs attend kindergartens, nurseries, and primary schools to provide various programmes for children to enjoy football. Joined by guidance staffs who specialise in coaching football, teachers who may not have the experience or knowledge to instruct football, are enabled to hold sessions to allow the children to exercise using the ball. Here we will introduce the traveling guidance activities that were recently conducted.

Tue. 13 April, Daikamata Nursery (Kofu, Yamanashi)

56 kids from the six-year old class were divided into two groups. The course was held with the theme, “Let's challenge without fearing failure!” And encouraged the kids to actively participate in the activities. Although some kids had difficulties catching, stopping, or carrying the ball, they listened closely to the coaches to learn the key factors, and eventually got get better as they repeated the activities. Above all, the kids showed great enthusiasm and challenged each activity with a positive attitude, creating a very fun atmosphere for everyone. It was very satisfying to hear the kids say, “We want to play more!” as the course was nearing the end.


YONEKURA Kazuho (FA Traveling Guidance Staff)
The kids listened very closely to what the coaches had to say, so it was easy for us to teach them the small details. I feel that we were able to convey the joy of playing and exercising outside. In the ball feeling drills, the kids gradually got better and started to have more and more fun as time progressed. The kids showcased an intense battle at the final scrimmage, and everyone was cheering when their team scored a goal.

Ms. YAMAKI Mika (Nursery Teacher)
The coaches were very fun, and the kids had a great time. They demonstrated the drills with humour, allowing the kids to learn how to move their bodies in very easy to understand manner. They also motivated the kids by telling them “Wow!” and “Great job!” Because there was enough ball for everyone, we were able to spend a very productive time. We had a great time today, thank you very much.

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