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JFA Sports Managers College (SMC) held Lecture Session Part 2

15 October 2014

JFA Sports Managers College (SMC) held Lecture Session Part 2

Lecture Session Part 2 of SMC 2014 which was started in September was held on 10 to 13 October.

Stepping aside from Sports this time, the participants attended lectures and worked on themes of “getting others involved” featuring lectures of “community design” and “art”. How do you corporate with people living there to activate the community, how do you take advantage of local government and environment for creating the place to enjoy yourself. They learned and experienced what is required to get interaction with “others.”

It is necessary to turn your attention to essential things like history and climate for getting people living there and environment involved. This might be a clue as to creating “club” rooted in the local community.
Finally, the next session of lecture getting onto middle part. Fully occupied with screening information and many tasks, the participants are getting uneasy to cope with both works and tasks. But the lecture keeps going for achieving ideal club.

Participants Comments

Mr. IMAIZUMI Yukihiro
Regarding the lecture of community design, I realized I cannot establish an ideal club without understanding what local community expecting for. I found community design based on the future population decline and declining birth rate and ageing population is interesting idea.

Mr. FUJITA Katsumi
About the lecture of “Startup social innovation!”, I totally agreed with the word “the first follower is important”. I understood universal design has to be taken into account for homepage of prefecture football association. Having read about it in the book before but this lecture reminded me of its importance.

Mr. HISAKAWA Naohiro
Regarding the lecture of “art and creating community”, I realized importance of finding, learning, building corporation and exchanging. An ideal is important but people’s pride is much important as much as ideal.

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