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DREAM Dreams make you stronger

Action Plan 2015

In order to realize its principle of “Creating a rich sports culture and contributing to the healthy development of people in body and mind and to the development of society”, “JFA Declaration 2005” is expressing its visions for the diffusion and the strengthening of football and for contribution to international goodwill and it is expressing a medium-term target for 2015 and a long-term target for 2050.

サッカーを愛する仲間=サッカーファミリー が500万人になるために
1.Strengthening of the total power
1)Strengthening of international power
We will transfer many officers to FIFA/ AFC, we will contribute to international football and we will improve the ability to deliver messages to the world and the ablitity of international negotiation.
We will collect and analyze the information and the oversea FA’s studies and we will establish and propose strategies in view of JFA business plans and Japan National Team’s strengthening plans.
2)Utilization of the information
We will collect, analyze and deliver any kind of information and through the utilization of media, we will promote Japanese football’s activities in Japan and oversea
We will establish the “Japan Football Museum”, an attractive base for the transmission of information about Japanese Football.
3)Carrying out an effective marketing
We will establish the JFA brand, utilizing the Japan National team and we will carry out a more effective marketing programme.
4)Enhancement of the management system
For the utilization of information, we will establish inside and outside this organization, an advanced information management system.
We will actively make efforts in order to establish a better relationship with JFA Stakeholders ( people related with JFA) and groups outside the organisation.
We will establish a system that will allow to cope with problems in a legally right way.
5)Realization of President’s Missions
We will realize the president’s missions as important programmes that should be carried out within 2 years, and together with regional/ prefectural football associations we will promote a great reform of Japanese football.
2.Establishment of a solid base
1)Enhancement of the organisation/ the staff
We will reorganise the prefectural associations ( branches/ municipal and local associations) and we will enhance the JFA organisations, councils, committees, secretaries and federations
We will place competent personnel inside and outside the organization, we will employ, develop, place and utilize systematically and effectively the personnel
2)Ensuring and increasing the facilities
We will make efforts in order to ensure players, officers and tournaments as many available facilities as possible and to increase the number of high quality facilities.
3)Establishment of the financial capacity
Always keeping in mind the effects of the investments in line with the trends of Japanese football, we will make effort in order to increase incomes and cut expenditures and in order to establish a more solid financial capacity.
The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values