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DREAM Dreams make you stronger

Action Plan 2015

In order to realize its principle of “Creating a rich sports culture and contributing to the healthy development of people in body and mind and to the development of society”, “JFA Declaration 2005” is expressing its visions for the diffusion and the strengthening of football and for contribution to international goodwill and it is expressing a medium-term target for 2015 and a long-term target for 2050.

サッカーを愛する仲間=サッカーファミリー が500万人になるために
日本代表チームが 世界でトップ10のチームとなるために
1.Strengthening of the National Team
1)Strengthening of the cooperation with clubs and the development of domestic league to world class level
We will strengthen the cooperation with clubs and create an environment that will allow each club to be active in Asian and World’s Tournaments. And we will develop the domestic leagues of J-League and L-League ( Nadeshiko League), which are the basis of the players’ strengthening, to World class level and we will raise the players’ abilities through everyday matches.
We will transfer talented Japanese players to world’s top class oversea Leagues and give them the opportunity to experience international football.
2)Improvement of the team’s/players’ environment
We will organise matches and coordinate schedules to let Japan National Men’s and Women’s Football Team to have a fulfilling match/ camp in Japan and oversea.
Regarding the selection of the players, we will create a system that will allow teams to release their players easily, and we will create an environment which may raise the motivation of representative players.
We will provide to teams/ players an appropriate environment that allows them to do their best in management and play.
3)Organisation of appropriate team staff
We will organise a tem staff selecting the best coaching staffs in line with the trends of Japanese football and we will try to support them as much as possible.
We will enhance the support system for Japan National Men’s and women’s football team, we will create systems meeting the needs of the team ( technical medical/ alimentation, general affairs, advertising, equipment)
2.Players development
1)Enhancement of the coaching system and establishment of a programme of Youth / Elite development
Always observing the world’s trends, we will enhance the coaching policy of each category ,in accordance to the age of the players and we will create and spread all over the country a common coaching system/ policy.
We will create a programme for the elite education of players of each category, from kids to representatives, we will enhance the medical support system and we will establish a common youth/ elite development system proper of Japan that will strengthen the Japan National Team.
2)Enhancement of the tournaments and the development environment
Always keeping in mind the players development, we will express our view regarding suitable matches, tournaments ( league matches etc.) for each generation, and we will provide fulfilling tournaments.
We will provide to players the best training environment, taking into account their everyday life, studies, maintenance of facilities and tools , and we will support and improve the players development.
3.Coaches Development
1)Development of world class coaches
Always keeping in mind the world’s standards, we will try to improve the quality of the coaches, and we will develop many world class coaches who have the capacity to lead National Teams.
2)Enhancement of the coaches related with the Youth/ Elite development
We will develop many coaches that have quality and capacity to always train players at world class level and we will manage and coordinate effectively the coaches in the Youth/ Elite development.
The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values