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HOME > SAMURAI BLUE > International Friendly Match 10/14 TOP > NEWS > “KIRIN Challenge Cup 2014 Official Program” on sale at Denka Big Swan Stadium today with SAMURAI BLUE players on cover!


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“KIRIN Challenge Cup 2014 Official Program” on sale at Denka Big Swan Stadium today with SAMURAI BLUE players on cover!

10 October 2014

“KIRIN Challenge Cup 2014 Official Program” on sale at Denka Big Swan Stadium today with SAMURAI BLUE players on cover!

“KIRIN Challenge Cup 2014 Official Program” is the second issue of such kind for SAMURAI BLUE. The last issue had head coach Aguirre on its cover together with Japanese letter “蹴” meaning “to kick” brushed in Japanese style. The second version stars SAMURAI BLUE players celebrating the goal in the match against Venezuela in September, this time together with a letter “躍” meaning “to dance” or “to leap”.

Inside there are an interview with coach Aguirre and an article on his take on the last two matches, against Uruguay and Venezuela as well as an interview with Morishige Masato of FC Tokyo in which he talks about how he started playing football, the bitter experience at the FIFA World Cup Brazil and his ambition for the next Cup in Russia.

The issue also features Shimoda Masahiro, chairman of Technical Committee (Development) discussing the direction that Japan’s football should head in.

The section of “TSUGI WA ORETACHI DA!” meaning “our turn next!” in Japanese, in which we put the spotlight onto young players who will be the core of the national team four years later, introduces players in the past who made their leaps to the World Cup after playing in the Olympics. Also the section includes Ohgihara Takahiro of Cerezo Osaka and Suzuki Musashi of Niigata Alvirex who showed great performance in the Asian Games talking about their eagerness for the future.

A new column, “National Team Head Coaches” is started also in this issue and introduces the history and dramas of Japan’s football with special focus on the national team head coaches and the team’s achievements in each era. This time it is Hans Ooft, the first non-Japanese head coach for the national team, and Japan’s football at that time.

Other features are “RESPECT NO FUKEI (Scenes of Respect)” by football writer and former editor-in-chief of “Soccer Magazine” Hojo Satoshi, “OSHIETE! Referee Nishimura (Teach us! Referee Nishimura)” discussing a referee’s match day routine, and analysis on newly-formed national teams of other countries.

“KIRIN Challenge Cup 2014 Official Program SAMURAI BLUE x Jamaica National Team” will be on sale at Denka Big Swan Stadium where the match is played today. Please make sure to purchase as a souvenir of the national team match experience.
September issue of “KIRIN Challenge Cup Official Program” where coach Aguirre made his debut is also available at “Japan National Team Goods Official Shop”.


Friday, 10 October 2014   Kickoff at 19:25 (estimate time)
SAMURAI BLUE (Japan National Team) vs  Jamaica National Team
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