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HOME > National Teams > NEWS > SAMURAI BLUE check strategies for Jamaica game in closed session


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SAMURAI BLUE check strategies for Jamaica game in closed session

09 October 2014

SAMURAI BLUE check strategies for Jamaica game in closed session

The Japan men’s national team, dubbed SAMURAI JAPAN, had a closed practice session for the first time in the training camp in Niigata on Wednesday in preparation for their match against Jamaica in the 2014 Kirin Challenge Cup, which would get under way on Friday.
In the first 15 minutes that were open to the media, the 20 field players were divided into three groups, and warmed themselves up by exchanging passes into gaps between players with good tempo.

Then after the practice was closed, they moved to another phase, such as checking their offensive and defensive strategies throughly. By the time the two-hour practice ended, the full moon came up in the eastern sky, and when they were leaving the field, the total solar eclipse had already begun.
``I practiced being conscious about our combinations so we can capitalize on our three forwards,’’ said Borussia Dortmund midfielder KAGAWA Shinji. Kagawa was going about his tune-ups to make his debut under the Aguirre reign.
The team will look for their first victory in their third match against Jamaica under the new system.

Urawa Reds goalkeeper NISHIKAWA Shusaku said that he wanted to be a pivot of the team’s offence. ``As much as the content is important, it’s going to be important for us to post a win because we have yet to win. Not just defending, but I want to be part of our offence as well,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, the jersey numbers for the players were revealed this day. Kagawa took No. 10, while Vissel Kobe midfielder MORIOKA Ryota, who was wearing that number in September, was given NO. 17. Nagoya Grampus midfielder TAGUCHI Taishi, who’s been called up for the first time, is going to put on No. 22. On the defensive side of the team, Kashiwa Reysol’s SUZUKI Daisuke was given No. 15, Sanfrecce Hiroshima’s SHIOTANI Tsukasa with No. 16, Kashima Antlers’ NISHI Daigo with No. 20, FC Tokyo’s Ota Kosuke with NO. 21, Kawasaki Frontale forward KOBAYASHI Yu with No. 19, and Cordoba CF forward Havenaar Mike with No. 18.

After Japan wraps up the Jamaica game at Denka Big Swan Stadium on Friday, they will move to Singapore to play against Brazil on Tuesday.


FW MUTO Yoshinori (FC Tokyo)
I have less nerves than in our last training camp and have worked with fun. When Kagawa gets in the inside half position and I take one of the three top forward spots, it will be important for us to make elaborate communications, so we want to work on it more. Kagawa is a top-level technical player in the world. Hopefully, I won’t be a burden to the team while I absorb things from him. I’ve only scored one in September, so I want to come up with another result and contribute to the team, so I can suggest that it didn’t happen by accident.

GK NISHIKAWA Shusaku (Urawa Reds)
Our defenders have been replaced a little bit from last month, yet I have played with everybody and I’ve been able to take communications with them. The roles for the goalkeeper aren’t limited to just defence, and I want to be part of our offensive plays as well. The decisions regarding whether to make short passes or kick it far are left to the goalkeeper, and I think I can do that as well as I’m doing at the club. Hopefully, I can create some chances, and as much as the content is important for us, it’s important to come up with a win because we have yet to post a win as we will be going forward.

DF OTA Kosuke (FC Tokyo)
At the club, we’ve been consistent since the summer and have had more games that we can hold opponents to zero goals. And me individually, I’ve gradually been able to put up my strengths, firmly understanding our team tactics and our coach’s football. When I was participating in our offensive attacks, especially when coach Aguirre came to our games to observe, I’ve recorded assists in all the games. I want to do the same on the national team, but I need to first understand the ways that we do here and then I want to show my traits. I’m in a position to have to showcase myself, so I want to actively do things.

FW KAKITANI Yoichiro (FC Basel)
Coach is saying that he is going to select members to win January’s Asian Cup, so it’ll be important for me to showcase myself so I will be chosen. And more than anything, I want to come up with some positive outcomes. But first off, I need to get used to the position, and since I’m asked to feed crosses from the left, I am going to practice more with my left foot.


  • FW KAKITANI Yoichiro

  • FW OKAZAKI Shinji 

  • FW MUTO Yoshinori 


Friday, 10 October 2014   Kickoff at 19:25 (estimate time)
SAMURAI BLUE (Japan National Team) vs  Jamaica National Team
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More information

International Friendly Match

Tuesday, 14 October 2014   Kickoff at 18:45 (local time)  19:45(Japan Time)
SAMURAI BLUE (Japan National Team)  vs   Brazil National Team
Singapore/The Singapore National Stadium
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More Information

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