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Three Avispa Fukuoka players join U-22 Japan National Team Qatar, UAE trip

09 December 2015

Three Avispa Fukuoka players join U-22 Japan National Team Qatar, UAE trip

U-22 Japan National Team were on the second day of the Qatar and UAE trip.

Three players from Avispa Fukuoka joined the team early in the morning, and all 26 young Samurais held a morning practice session together.

It was much warmer than the first day with the temperature around 19 degrees C. The players started with some warm-ups, and moved on to passing and controlling in groups of seven and ten, followed by a 10-a-side game in a limited area as well as a 5-on-4 and a 4-on-5 in a double-box. They focused on tactics within different strategies in both attack and defence.

The practice session was held at a training ground next to the Grand Hamad Stadium, in which the team will DPR Korea for the first match and Thailand for the second match of the AFC U-23 Championship. The players may come back for practice sessions for the final qualifiers next month. They all checked the pitch condition during practice.

In the afternoon, the players practiced attack and defence separately as well as finalising formations. They also checked distancing and coordination among the teammates, staying eager for practical sessions.

The team plan to hold a morning session only on Wednesday 9 December.

Players' Comments

GK  SUGIMOTO Daichi (Kyoto Sanga F.C)
As the team had a very clear aim, I could settle in smoothly and understand tactics without much trouble when I joined the team for the first time after a while at the Saga camp in October. I think the team have improved so much.

Knowing about the stadiums, the condition of the pitches, as well as the meals, in advance during this trip is definitely an advantage in preparing myself. As my aim is to stay in the team to play games for the national team, I’d like to show off my strengths on this trip – aggressive plays and using the space behind the defensive line.

DF  MUROYA Sei (Meiji University)
Some of the players here started their careers in the J.League, which raises the level of the camp every time. I feel like I need to improve myself even more. It’s essential to experience the atmosphere at the site of the coming games during this trip.

It’s also important to get used to meals at a hotel. As my current goal is to stay in the team for the final qualifiers, I’d like to display my skill, such as getting through by dribbling, crossing as well as assisting, to contribute to the team. I’d like to come back to Qatar next month to play in the final qualifiers.

MF  YAJIMA Shinya (Fagiano Okayama)
I moved club team this year to be on the pitch more often. It’s like a restart for me. Although I need to improve myself from now, I think I have a foundation for that. It’s a good advantage for the team to practice on the same pitch as the one we’ll play games on in the final qualifying round next month, learning the condition of the turf. Knowing the condition is not great, we can avoid too much passing and reduce the risk of conceding goals.

Although it doesn’t have a direct connection to football, staying at a hotel can be stressful. It’s good we’re staying at the same hotel as we will for the final qualifiers. I’d like to stay eager and ambitious for goals and assisting as a player up front in the games against Yemen and Uzbekistan. I’ll try hard to show high-quality plays even when I’m on the pitch in a different position.

FW  SUZUKI Musashi (Mito Hollyhock)
It’s been two years since we started this team, and the coordination has got so much better. I think we have good rhythm, speed, and possession in games, as well as variations such as short-counters and counter-attacks.

This trip to Qatar will be beneficial for the final qualifying round in January. As we now experience what the daily routine is here and how the jetlag is, we will be able to settle in smoothly for the final qualifiers. This trip is my first activity after recovering from my injury. So I’d like to be careful not to pick up an injury, checking combinations with other players once more. I’d like to look for good results when I’m on the pitch.


Mon. 7 December PM Training
Tue. 8 December AM Training
Wed. 9 December AM Training
Thu. 10 December 16:30 International Friendly Match vs U-22 Yemen National Team
(@Grand Hamad Stadium)
Fri. 11 December PM Training
Sat. 12 December AM Training
Sun. 13 December 16:30 International Friendly Match vs U-22 Uzbekistan National Team
(@Thiyab Amana Stadium)
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