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JFA UNIQLO SOCCER KIDS 2017 season begins from Singapore - event report

24 April 2017

JFA UNIQLO SOCCER KIDS 2017 season begins from Singapore - event report

The JFA UNIQLO SOCCER KIDS is an open fun football event for pre-school children under six years old. The fist festival of 2017-2018 season was held at Jalan Besar Stadium in Singapore on Saturday 22 April with support of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), as well as of 14 venues all over Japan.

141 children came to the stadium to attend the festival with wearing new designed uniform T-shirts provided by UNIQLO.

Posters and flyers to attract participants for this event were placed in UNIQLO shops and pre-schools across the host city in the same way as the events in Japan. Participating teams applied through “JFA.jp”, the official website of the JFA.

The official mascot of the FAS Cubs programme, "Sparky" and "Twinkle" attended the event. Children played with them and had fun.

22 teams were divided into 6 groups to play a four-on-four with no goalkeepers, and each group held a round-robin tournament among four or six teams. FAS Grassroots coaches refereed and managed the matches on eight pitches. 70 volunteers from UNIQLO SINGAPORE supported as ushers and organise the attraction corner.

As enjoying football is more important than result itself in this event, there was no announcement of scores or results. The staff displayed green cards, which were also used in Japan, to encourage children’s good manners. There was also an area, in which children could play between matches with AirGoals with target marks. All the children high-fived with all the staff after the games, and received certificates of commendation. Many smiles were seen around the event.

The JFA signed on a partnership with the FAS since April 2011. FAS Board members and executives came to Japan to learn Japanese grassroots activities, such as JFA UNIQLO SOCCER KIDS in Kashima Stadium in May 2015.

The FAS has been eager to improve the football environment for children by establishing a grassroots activity, named “Cubs Programme”.

This event is a part of activities related to the partnership, and is supported by UNIQLO just like last time, which has been sponsored the festivals that take place in Japan for many years.


Ms. Tho Kwee Gek (A Volunteer Saff from UNIQLO SINGAPORE)
Today's festival is very exciting because this is the first time I'm volunteering for a soccer event and I have never revealed to me soccer in my life. And it actually gives me a very good chance to interactive kid’s very young kids and who don't really know much about soccer but they actually just run around treating the ball as if that is the goal of their life and having the best of the time so it's really a very heartwarming experience.

Mr. Gabriel Lim (A Team Supervisor for DREAM TEAM)
Today’s festival is good as well organized the kids have fun. They have fun scoring goals as well. Some of our team is rather young kids.3, 4 and 5 years old. So it is good chance we're going to play without the score. We play a bit sometimes but it's difficult to find other teams play with at the age. Kids felt most funny. After one or two games they want to play more when they really can do reaction to go to the rear.

Event Outline

Event Title NameJFA UNIQLO SOCCER KIDS in Singapore
Date Saturday, 22, April, 2017
Time Schedule Gates Open & Reception: 9:00am
Opening Ceremony: 9:40am
Festival: 10:30am-12:40pm
Closing Ceremony: 12:50pm
Venue Jalan Besar Stadium
100 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore
Contents 4-a-side Mini Soccer Festival
Number of Match: 3 Matches Each Team
Duration of Match: 10 min. (No Halftime)
Pitch:20m X 12m
Target U-6: Teams made up of 4-8 under-6 (preschool) participants.
U-8: Teams made up of 4-8 under-8 participants.
(To be added after the registration period.)
Both boys and girls welcome. No prior experience required.
Entry Fee Free-of Charge
Organiser Japan Football Association
Host Association The Football Association of Singapore
Emcee / Timekeeper Emcee: YOKOI Reiko
Time-keeper: Shamini Anbarazan (From FAS) 
Volunteer Staff Staff: Football Association of Singapore (26 Persons) / UNIQLO (50 Persons)
Mascot character FAS Official Cubs Mascot Sparky & Twinkle
PR JFA website “JFA.jp” and FAS website starting March 17
3 Japanese Pre-schools
23 UNIQLO Stores: Flyer and Poster
Application Period Friday, March 17– Friday, April 14 / 5:00pm (Local Time)
First-come, first-served basis.
Application Method JFA UNIQLO SOCCER KIDS Application Form on JFA website “JFA.jp”

2017-18 Season Venues

Sat, 22 April Singapore Jalan Besar Stadium
Wed, 03 May Saitama MetLife Dome
Sun, 04 June Hyogo Noevia Stadium Kobe
Sat, 01 July Fukuoka Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome
Sat, 22 July Aichi Nagoya Dome
Tue, 22 August Tokyo Tokyo Dome
Sun, 17 September Fukui Sabae City East Park Athletic Field
Sun, 01 October Iwate Tono Athletic Park
Sat, 07 October Toyama Toyama Athletic Stadium
Sun, 10 December Ibaraki Kashima Soccer Stadium
Sat, 16 December Okayama City Light Stadium
Sun, 17 December Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Kirara Expo Memorial Park
Mon, 05 February 2018 Okinawa Okinawa Athletic Park Stadium
Tbd. Hokkaido Tbd.
Tbd. Osaka Tbd.

Special Sponsor

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