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JFA-KIRIN Family Futsal Festival in Yamaguchi

18 February 2015

JFA-KIRIN Family Futsal Festival in Yamaguchi

The JFA-KIRIN Family Futsal Festival is a fun event for everyone, where you can enjoy a kick-about with your family. The festival is hosted by the JFA and the Prefectural Football Associations and will be held in 10 locations across the country this year. Any team which has more than five players, including women and elementary school students, can participate. A team may also comprise of more than one family.

24 teams comprising of approximately 200 family members took part in the event in Hagi, Yamaguchi on 15 February. At the ‘Kirin Futsal Lesson’ people could get tips on how to enjoy futsal with their family. This lesson was for elementary school students, who have been practicing football very hard and are close to beating their father who doesn’t have enough stamina to keep up with them; or the girl who dreams of becoming a member of Nadeshiko Japan and comes with her mother who has never played football before. SAGANE Kiyoshi, a former member of the Futsal Japan National Team, joined the lesson as an instructor.

The ‘Family Award’ was given to the family who enjoyed the day the most; the ‘Futsal Award’ was given to those who played futsal in a serious manner to win; and the ‘Festival Award’ to those who brought uniqueness to the event and enjoyed the day. From the special sponsor Kirin Groups, ‘Kirin Ichiban Award’ was given to the team in which a father tried the hardest, the ‘Kirin Loves Sports Award’ to the one in which a child tried the hardest, and ‘Afternoon Tea Award’ to the team in which a woman tried the hardest.

Event Outline 

Yamaguchi/Hagi Civic Gymnasium

Sun. 15 February 2015

Morning Session
Entry 8:20-9:00 Opening Ceremony 9:00-9:10 Festival 9:10-12:00 Futsal School 12:30-13:30

Afternoon session:
Entry 11:00-11:50 Opening Ceremony 12:00-12:30 Festival 14:00-16:45

Host organizations
Japan Football Association and Yamaguchi Football Association

Yamaguchi Football Association

Application Period
Fri. 26 December 2014 - Fri. 16 January 2015 17:00

Teams Number of Positions
24 Teams(Morning Session 12、Afternoon session 12)

Participation Fee

Entry Qualifications:
The team must consist of members of more than one family. Five players on the pitch must always include one man over 20 years old, one woman over 20 years old and two children under the age of 12.

Registration for JFA:
Please make registration at “j-futsal” – enjoy futsal portal website, before the event.
https://j-futsal.jfa.jp/ (Japanese version only)
*For application, please access official JFA website. Team representative log on the “j-futsal” web page and easily make an application.


Mr. MOTONAGA Takao(from Team Yoheh)
We made a joint team with players from Yamaguchi-city and Abu-cho. Usually we play softball and we haven’t played football or futsal before. To join this event, we did have difficulty in finding players for today and in fact my grandparents are included in my team. It was very nice to join in this event today. I enjoyed futsal which I hadn’t played before. It has been such a fun day for all of us and we cannot stop talking about this event. I will keep checking football and futsal on TV in the future.

Mr. SATO Keisuke(from S&S Families)
2 families from Yamaguchi-city and 1 family from Nagato-city made a team to join today. For this special event, I bought futsal wear and shoes for my child. Usually I don’t play any football nor futsal. Since I didn’t have chance to do any exercises, it was nice to enjoy today’s activities with my family. In this opportunity, I came across my child’s competitive spirit and I was happy to see he’s growing up well. I want him to keep enjoying football and futsal with this strong spirit.

Mr. YAMAMOTO Takuo(from Striker)
We joined this event with 2 of my friends’ families. All of our kids are in 2nd year of elementary school. Usually, they play football 3 days a week in a local team. For this event, we checked futsal rules and registered for “j-fut”, JFA’s registration system for individual players to enjoy futsal as much as possible. In the futsal practice session, I learned how to make a good trap. It was also a good chance for all of us to communicate a lot with other family members.

Soccer Families

 MenWomen Total
U-6 12 7 19
U-8 23 6 29
U-10 16 3 19
U-12 19 4 23
U-15 3 11 14
U-18 0 2 2
General 52 33 85
Total 125 66 191
Staff 30
Soccer families total 221

Festival List

application closed Kochi Sun. 8 June 2014 Kochi Haruno Sogo Undokoen Kyugijo
application closed Kanagawa Sat. 21 June 2014 Nissan Stadium
application closed Osaka Sat. 19 July 2014 Maishima Arena
application closed Shizuoka Sat. 2 August 2014 Ogasayama Sports Park ECOPA Arena
application closed Shiga Sun. 26 October 2014 Shiga Nagahama Dome
application closed Ibaraki Sun. 2 November 2014 *event date changed
Ibaraki Kashima Soccer Stadiumム
application closed Hyogo Sun. 18 January 2015 World Hall
application closed Aichi Sun. 8 February 2015 Teva Ocean Arena
application closed Yamaguchi Sun. 15 February 2015 Hagi City Gymnasium
application closed Oita Sun. 8 March 2015 Oita Sports Park, Daigin Soccer Rugby Field B
*The venue was changed to this place.


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