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Over 2,000 kids enjoyed football at the JFA Uniqlo Soccer Kids in Seibu Dome

27 November 2014

Over 2,000 kids enjoyed football at the JFA Uniqlo Soccer Kids in Seibu Dome

The JFA Uniqlo Soccer Kids is a series of fun football events where any child of age 6 and under can enjoy football. This time 2,052 kids from 173 teams joined in this event, which was held in Seibu Dome on 24 November.

Former Japanese international, AKITA Yutaka, was invited as a special guest and played with the kids. Mascots of Saitama Seibu Lions, the baseball team based at the Seibu Dome, Leo and Lina, Schale of local J-League team Urawa Reds, and Ardi, of Omiya Ardija another local J-League team joined in the photo session and cheered on the event.

We created a better environment for welcoming more kids to this event by changing the name of this event, the logo, and the registration process. At the venue, we placed an “interview board” which allows participants to take photos. To enjoy the event as much as possible, we showed comments and feedback of the participants on a big TV screen at the venue.
This year JFA Uniqlo Soccer Kids is held at 14 venues such as major domes and football stadiums all over Japan.


HARA Yasunori, Yotairen Sports Club
This is our 4th time to join Uniqlo Soccer Kids and this is such a good event for both kids and parents in the very nice environment of Seibu Dome. Having 5-minute half game is bit long for small kids, but we can freely change kids players at any time and all of them can enjoy chasing ball. You don’t even have to care about if you won or not.
In our kindergarten, all kids enjoy football, and boys and girls play together. I found some good players with potential, and I just expect to encourage those kids to become a national squad player.
If possible, I think the goal of this event can be bigger since kids enjoy scoring. If kids experience scoring more, I think they will like football more.
Seibu Dome has an easy access by train and car since the venue has plenty of parking available so parents can feel easier to come to the event. I also like the Dome’s artificial turf because kids don’t get dirty and it is safer. I appreciate if Seibu Dome will be chosen as the venue again next year.

Staff comment:
KONO Hikari, Saitama Soccer Club
I play in a Kanto League, working as a high school teacher. I never knew that there was an event for kids. This time I joined this event with 9 members of my club.
Throughout morning and afternoon sessions, I greatly enjoyed meeting with more than 2,000 kids because I could see kids’ enjoyed and played as much as they possibly could. This reminded me of my old days when I was a kid. I appreciate adults’ encouragement for me and I think that makes me keep playing football even now.
When I decided to join this even as a staff member, I wanted kids to enjoy it, but after all I just think I was the one who enjoyed it the most, how many times did I high-five with kids after they scored! Next year, I want to come back to this event with more club members and want to make it one of the important club events. As a local football club, I want to contribute to making local opportunities for kids to enjoy football.

Event Overview

Name of event JFA Uniqlo Soccer Kids in Seibu Dome
Date Mon/Holiday 24 November 2014
Schedule Morning session:
Gate open   09:10
Opening ceremony   09:30
Festival   10:00 - 11:55
Closing ceremony   12:05

Afternoon session:
Gate open   13:10
Opening ceremony  13:30
Festival  14:00 - 15:55
Closing ceremony  16:05
Venue Seibu Dome
Game format 8-a-side mini soccer festival
Size of pitch: 26m×16m (Total of 10 pitches)
Number of games per team: about 3 games Playing time: 1st half 5min, 2nd half 5min
Target participants Preschool age children 6 years old or younger
Host organizations Japan Football Association and Saitama Football Association
Special sponsor Uniqlo Co., Ltd.
Special guest Mr. AKITA Yutaka(former Japan International)

Soccer Families

 TeamsMenWomen  Total
U-6 age group (team participation) 173 1784 268 2,052
Spectators 4,000
Staff 113
Soccer families total 6,165

Event Schedule

Sun. 26 January 2014 Osaka Kyocera Dome Osaka
Sun.  8 June 2014 Fukuoka Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome
Mon. 21 July 2014 Aichi Nagoya Dome
Mon. 15 September 2014 Tokyo Tokyo Dome
Sun. 5 October 2014 Iwate Iwate Sports Park Athletic Field
Mon. 13 October 2014 Toyama Toyama Athletic Recreation Park
Sun. 19 October 2014 Ibaraki Kashima Soccer Stadium
Mon. 3 November 2014 Hokkaido Sapporo Dome
Sun. 16 November 2014 Miyagi Kesennuma Elementary School
Mon. 24 November 2014 Saitama Seibu Dome
Sat. 29 November 2014 Kumamoto Kumamoto Sports Park Auxiliary field
Sun. 7 December2014 *changed on 10/6 Okayama kanko Stadium
Sun. 21 December 2014 Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Kirara Memorial Park
Sun. 25 January 2015 Osaka Kyocera Dome Osaka

Besides these events, the event in Kanagawa is planned after January 2015.  The information will be available on JFA official site once the detail is fixed.


Morning Session Highlights

Afternoon Session Highlights

Special Sponsor


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