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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. When was the Museum established?

The Museum’s grand opening was on 22 December 2003.

Q2. Why was the Museum established?

The Museum was established to pass down the excitement and sensation of the 2002 Word CupTM and the history of Japanese football to future generations, and to promote football culture. It was also built to provide a platform to disseminate information regarding Japanese football and for people around the world to meet through football.

Q3. What kind of items does the Museum exhibit?

The Museum exhibits valuable photos and videos, trophies and medals and player kits in the history of Japanese football.

Q4. How big is the Museum?

The Museum has about 2,000 square meters of space consisting of three floors.

Q5. How long does it take to tour around the Museum.

It depends on individuals but our estimation is about 60 minutes when it comes to only looking around our exhibitions. Additionally, if you watch two 20-minute videos at our Virtual Stadium, you will need 50 additional minutes. We recommend you assume two hours long as a whole.
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Q1. Where is the Museum located? What’s the address?

JFA House, Soccer Dori (3-10-15 Hongo), Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8311

Q2. What’s the closest station?

It is seven to eight minute walk from “Ochanomizu Station” of JR Chuo Line or Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.

Q3. How can I get to the Museum from the closest station?

Get out of Ochanomizu Station and go forward along Tokyo Medical and Dental University on your right. Turn right at a narrow one-way street in front of Juntendo University Hospital toward a wide street (Hongo Dori). After crossing the five-way intersection, you will see JFA House on your left. The museum is on the first floor.

Q4. Do you have any building that can be a landmark?

The Museum is located next to Yushima Sogo Centre and Yushima Yochien (Kindergarten). There are guide map boards for public facilities round Bunkyo-ku. You can also use the hotel called Tokyo Garden Palace as a landmark.

Q5. Do you have any building that can be a landmark when I visit the Museum by car?

From Ikebukuro on Hongo-dori, turn to far left at the five-way intersection between Hondo-dori and Kuramaebashi- dori (to Karasakadanizaka and Kinhana-dori Shotenkai-dori). After going forward about 90 meters, you will see Yushima Sogo Centre, Yushima Yochien (Kindergarten) and then JFA House on your left.

Q6. Do you have parking?

We have parking only for people with disabilities. We do not have any parking for other visitors. Please use public transportation for your visit.

Q7. Are there any parking round the Museum?

There are some paid parking round here, but we do not know capacity of them.

Q8. Can our tour bus be pulled up in front of the Museum?

You can get on and off a bus in front of JFA House but are not allowed to stop and park there for other purposes in order to avoid causing nuisances to our neighbours such as traffic jam, gas emissions, and noise by motor idling. Please wait at another place or keep driving round until passengers come back.

Q9. I want to visit the Museum by City Bus. What is the closest bus stop?

The closest bus stops are as follows.

  • - 2-minute walk from Yushima-Itchome (Cha 51 from Komagome-Eki-Minamiguchi to Ochanomizu-Eki-Mae)
  • - 5-minute walk from Juntendo-Byoin-Mae (Cha 51 from Ochanomizu-Eki-Mae to Komagome-Eki-Minamiguchi, or Higashi 43 from Tokyo-Eki-Marunouchi-Kitaguchi to Arakawa-Dote-Soshajo-Mae)
  • - 5-minute walk from Hongo-Nichome (Higashi 43 Arakawa-Dote-Soshajo-Mae to Tokyo-Eki-Marunouchi-Kitaguchi)


Q1. How much is the admission fee for high school students?

High school students are charged JPY550, the same as adults.
Hours & Admission 

Q2. How much is the admission fee for preschool children?

They are free of charge.
Hours & Admission

Q3. Do we need to pay any other fees other than the admission?

No, the paid floor is only the basement two (Pitch).
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Q4. Can I re-enter the paid floor on the basement two?

No, you can not enter the floor again once you go out.
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Q5. How many people do we need to get the group discount?

If your group consists of 20 or more people visiting the paid floor, the group discount is applicable.
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Q6. We have five adults and 15 children. Are we considered as a group?

Yes, you are eligible for the group discount.

Q7. I have a player ID card of this year issued by the JFA.

You are eligible for the JFA Football Family discount. Discount is available for board members, players, coaches and referees who register for the JFA this year. Have your ID with you and see our staff at the paid floor gate on the basement one (Lower Stand).
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Q8. If our group consists of 20 junior high school students all with player’s ID, can our admission fee be JPY100?

No, you cannot combine multiple discounts. Your admission fee will be JPY200.
Hours & Admission

Q9. I have a membership card of the Japan Soccer Supporter’s Club.

You are eligible for discount.
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Q10. I want to visit the Museum outside of the opening hours.

Please contact us, If you are to visit before the museum opens on a weekday (1 p.m.) with a group of 20 or more people. We may not be able to meet your needs if equipment or exhibitions are under maintenance, but we are happy to help you as much as possible.

Q12. Can we visit with a wheelchair or a baby carriage?

Our facility is free of barriers and you are accessible to elevators. We have restrooms for people with disabilities as well. As needed, we are pleased to keep your carriage or to lend a wheelchair. (One wheelchair only)
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Q13. Do you have a baby bed and nursing room available?

We have a baby bed at the toilet for people with disabilities on the first floor (Upper Stand).
We also have a nursing room. Please ask our staff when you need to use.
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Q14. Do you have lockers?

We have coin-operated lockers (JPY100) on the basement one (Lower Stand). The 100 yen coin will be returned when you unlock the locker.

Q15. Can a non-Japanese person enjoy the Museum?

Our exhibitions are in both Japanese and English. Non-Japanese people can enjoy the Museum even without a tour guide.


Q1. Do you have a restaurant?

We do not have any dining facility. We have vending machines at the rest space on the first floor (Upper Stand).
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Q2. Do you have any shop where we can get some souvenirs?

We have the Museum Shop on the basement one (Lower Stand).
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Q3. What kind of merchandise do you have at the shop?

At the Museum Shop on the basement one (Lower Stand), we sell Museum’s original goods and licenced goods of Japan National Team and the J.League, and toto lottery.
Museum Shop

Q4. Can I make payments with Credit Cards or Digital Currencies?

The following credit cards and digital currencies can be used to purchase tickets.

  • Credit Card (Visa, MastercardR, UnionPay, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover)
  • Digital Currency (Apple Pay, iD, QUICPay, prepaid IC cards [Suica, PASMO, Kitaca, TOICA, manaca, ICOCA, SUGOCA, nimoca, Hayakaken])
  • QR Code Payments (Alipay+、WeChat Pay、UnionPay QR、d Payment、PayPay、LINE Pay、au PAY、J-Coin Pay)

Also, the following credit cards and digital currencies can be used to purchase items at either of the Museum Shops located in the first basement floor (Lower Stand).

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard®)
  • Digital currency (nanaco, Edy, prepaid IC cards [Suica, PASMO, Kitaca, TOICA, manaca, ICOCA, SUGOCA, nimoca, Hayakaken])
*Depending on the shop, use of other credit cards and digital currencies may be available, so please contact the shop for more details.
Q5. Do you have anything like a commemorative stamp?

We do not have such a thing, but feel free to take flyers or catalogue from the JFA and J.League at the information on the first floor (Upper Stand).
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Q6. Can we take photos in the Museum?

You can take photos for your personal use. Please consult our staff if you want to use them for another purpose.


Q1. I want to donate my own material.

Please contact us below.

Q2. Do we have any chance to meet professional players or other celebrities?

You may sometimes have such a chance, but we cannot guarantee it.

Q3. I have been to the Museum once. Have your exhibits changed in some part?

We change the contents little by little whenever a new item comes to us. We also have new items from the latest event. There is always something new to deliver to visitors.

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