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[Joint Project with j-futsal] 2013 JFA Enjoy 5 Playback (Part 3)

10 June 2014

[Joint Project with j-futsal] 2013 JFA Enjoy 5 Playback (Part 3)

“j-futsal” is a JFA’s new web site for registering futsal players which was launched in April. The web site allows you to easily make a registration free of charge inviting many players to become JFA members.
Last year, JFA started “JFA Enjoy 5” a new championship for futsal players which was oriented towards fun-to-play. This is the final of three reports reviewing the last competition. This time, we are taking a look at the results of final stage matches.

2013 JFA Enjoy 5 Playback

1st Report: Tournament held for people who used the futsal facilities for the first time
2nd Report: Exhibition match which added additional excitement to the final stage
3rd Report: Final stage with a series of heated matches

U12 Category
Champion: club F3
Second place: MESSE OSAKA U-12
Third place: Cosmo SC, BLUE EAGLES

Mix Category
Champion: 3 Shou
Second place: Senkan-Sachiyomaru
Third place: Chocolate Parfait, Takke&Tsubasa

Indivi Category
Champion: Team D
Second place: Team E
Third place: Team A

Ladies Category
Champion: Unofoot Dione
Second place: Cherry Blossom
Third place: Urawa no O2BU-NE, FC Sasakure

Open Category
Champion:VEGA Daikanyama
Third place:MESSE SENDAI, maria

Enjoy Category
Champion: Rokumonsen
Second place:Hanzubon
Third place:ROUNDEL, Arafor Mie

The following gifts were presented to the champion teams from all the categories:
“Kirin World Kitchen Series, Salt & Pear”: Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd., and Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd.
“Football Allstars 2013 Japan”: Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
“Familymart Limited Prepaid Card”: Familymart Co., Ltd.

NIKE JAPAN Co., Ltd. presented a series of “NIKE Libretto Custom Uniform” and “Nike Rolinho Menor Futsal Ball” to the U-12, Ladies and Open Categories champion teams.

Also the players who scored in selected matches could get surprise presents as follows:
“Kirin Mets Cola”: Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd., and Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd.
“World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014”: Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
“NIKE Air Force 1” (shoes): NIKE JAPAN Co., Ltd.

Comments from champion teams of final stage

Open Category Winner

HARAGUCHI Takahisa, VEGA Daikanyama, Tokyo
It is such an honor to win this championship which is held by the JFA. It was a long way to win from the first stage game to the final, but we enjoyed it very much! If the JFA will have another championship, we will definitely be there!

U-12 Category Winner

HIYAMA Yuki, Coach, clubF3, Niigata Prefecture
Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation to people, including parents of our players, for all the support. I think the players did very well at the preliminary round even though they could not practice footsal well at that time. It is an honor to have a good result in the final stage. Throughout the matches, the team members played with sense of responsibility remembering what they had reviewed in the meeting on the previous day. We will focus on winning the next championship.


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