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TAWA Takeo
Inductees Recommended by the Committee (Special Selection)
TAWA Takeo
Born in Ehime on 29 October1918

Plays at Hyogo Prefectural Dai San Kobe junior high school and at the Tokyo higher normal school. Graduated from Chuo University, majoring in laws. After spells as teachers at junior and senior high schools, teaches at Tokyo University of Education and appointed as professor in 1973. Named dean of the Tsukuba University Division of Health, Sports, and Physical Education. At JFA, serves as grassroots director of Player Training in 1960, Grassroots leading director, technical committee member after Tokyo Olympic to propose to play football according to players’ most suited ages and environments to spread football culture and to raise instructors (establishing coaching system).

Right after the WWII, finds football’s education and cultural values, promotes to introduce football to regular PE class curriculum at schools and involved in formulating its draft. In 1958, modified Education Ministry guidelines adopts in 1958 football (simplified football for elementary schools) as its PE class from 1st to 12nd graders (gradually adopted at elementary schools from 1962). Delegated to members of text material search committee of Ministry of Education in 1960 to study materials and integrate instruction methods to learn techniques according to children’s age. In addition, holds instructor trainings for college students to be teachers as well as teachers.to realize appropriate instruction in the field of education. Positioned football as its educational class, all children have chances to play football. Basic football instruction is made during school PE classes, which becomes one of great break-through points for Japanese football rapidly to popularize and develop and which is great achievement of setting a precedent.

At the earliest timing, he adopts football theories from overseas after WWII, integrates them into his team, transfers them to the next generations and revives Japanese football which is interrupted and becomes unpopular during WWII. Led The Tokyo University of Education football team to Kanto University League champion as coach in 1953.
Passes away in 2007.
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Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

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