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Inductees Recommended by the Committee (Special Selection)
Born in Tokyo on 13 July 1922

Started playing football when Morohashi was in Tokyo Koto Shihan Fuzoku Middle School(Tokyo Higher Normal School Elementary) and kept playing it in Sophia University and Mitsubishi Corporation as key forward player. In 1954, Reestablished football club at Mitsubishi Corporation which was newly established firm following Conglomerate Dissolve. In 1955, Formed “Mitsubishi Football League” with TSUDA Yukio, former Japan International player, belong to Mitsubishi Nihon Heavy Industry. Raised a passion for football among Mitsubishi group companies and built foundation for development of Mitsubishi football. Mitsubishi, big corporations group, adopted football, gave a big impact on demonstrating social value of football.

President of Mitsubishi Corporation since 1986 and Chairman since 1992, took Vice Chairman position of FIFA World Cup Japan 2002 invitation project. Made proposal for joint operations of bureau and business, dedicated himself for this project as he leveraging his Shosha (trading company) linkage and network by visiting worldwide for promoting Japan event.

Made an effort and played a key role in prevailing football in Japan and made it everyday thing. Introduced England football TV program called “Match of the Day” to Hideo Shinojima, Vice-president of JFA at that time (President of Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation) when he was at London branch in 1967. Persuaded with Mr. SHINOJIMA for making a regular TV program in Japan for “this program surely good for Japan football”. The TV program, first regular overseas football program, called “MITSUBISHI Diamond Soccer” started in 1968 with back up of Mitsubishi group. Over 1000 times of programs broadcasted showing mainly European countries’ league matches and international friendly match. The program played a role of communicating world top-tier football to young audience and made a great deal of contribution to development of Japan football.

Awarded a medal with Blue Ribbon in 1990
Awarded the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure in 2001
Awarded Junior Third Rank in 2013

Passed away in 2013
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Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
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