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National Training Centre U-12


With the purposes of Japan football's strengthening and development
1. Scouting and nurturing of talented players
2. Interchanges between players, licensed coaches of the whole country
3. Raising the level of the players and of the licensed coaches
4. Enhancement and development of the training centres will be attempted.

HokkaidoFri. 16 October 2015 - Mon. 19 October 2015Hokkaido / Sapporo Soccer Amusement Park
TohokuSat. 19 January 2016 - Mon. 21 January 2016Fukushima / Soma Koyo Soccer
KantoSat. 9 January 2016 - Mon. 11 January 2016Chiba/ / Aerbin Sports Park
HokushinetsuFri. 9 October 2015 - Mon. 12 October 2015Ishikawa/Nanao Wakura Spa Notojima Ground
TokaiSat. 27 February 2016 - Sun. 28 FebruaryShizuoka / Yamaha Resort Tsumagoi
KansaiFri. 22 January 2016 - Sun. 24 January 2016Osaka / J-GREEN Sakai
ChugokuSat. 9 January 2016 - Mon. 11 January 2016Hiroshima / Hiroshima Edion Stadium
ShikokuSat. 9 January 2016 - Mon. 11 January 2016Kochi / Haruno Athletic Recreation Park
KyushuSat. 10 October 2015 - Mon. 12 October 2015Oita / Yufuin Sports Center

Regarding the coaching on the pitch, one JFA National training centre's staff and one regional training centre's staff will coach one group of approximately 20 players. A goal-keeper coach or an assistant coach (serving also as supporter in the administration of the event) can be added after consulting JFA National Training centre's coach, but the number of these people and their role should be kept to a minimum.
The guidance (theme explanation etc.) is performed by JFA National training centre's coach and lectures are performed by JFA National Training centre's coaches or by lecturers invited by JFA.

Players' entry qualification
  • 1. Players registered in the Japan Football Association
    (Participation of foreign players is approved, as it is considered as having positive influence on other players)
  • 2. Players born later than 1st January 2001(there is no lower limit of age)
  • 3. There is no distinction of sex.( Women's top players of each prefecture should actively be invited to participate).
  • 4. Participants' information should be submitted about one month in advance. After the application, if the player is no longer able to participate for inevitably reasons as injury or illness, it is necessary to make a procedure in order to change the participant. When the player is no longer able to participate at the National training centre in best condition, or he/ she finds it difficult to participate, for injury or illness, regional youth directors should be immediately contacted.
Number of participant

The region should determine the appropriate number of participants, taking into account National training centre's purposes, the situation of the venue's facilities and the staff's number.

The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values