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Nadeshiko Challenge project

"Nadeshiko Challenge Project" is a project which aims to scout, develop and strengthen players that are challenging to be a member of Nadeshiko Japan. Players of over 15, that may be considered reserves of Nadeshiko Japan, are selected from national training centres and a training camp is performed.
The training camp will be performed at the same time and at the same place as Nadeshiko Japan ( or U-20 to U-18 Japan National team) . Young players are given the occasion to play together with representative players in joint training, training matches etc. and has the possibility to compare and make sure of their talent.
Moreover, a coaching seminar for coaches of players' team is held at the same time in order to create a system for sharing players' strengths and issues, for achieving of communication and for tackling together to improve the players' level.
Being the activity period in teams that players are belonging longer than the period of JFA's training camp, the influence of the quality and the quantity of team's trainings on the improvement of players' level is great. National coaching staff and players' team coach should work together, considering players as "our players" and let them challenge to enter Nadeshiko Japan team.

Training Camp
Term・ number of camps 4 nights and 5 days/ twice a year
Venue J Village
Participants approximately 30 players for each camp. Targets are girls approximately between 15 and 22, but considering the player's talent , no limit of age is set. Before the establishment of U-18 and U-15 Japan National Team, players of these ages will be the main target.
Coaching National coaching staff, national training centre's coaches. Training by position will be performed before or after the general training.: Follow up after the camp : as well as for players of the national team, National coaching staff in charge of that age, will continuously check the player's activity.
Coaching Seminar
Terms / number of seminars 1 night and 2 days /twice a year (2 days during the training camp period)
Place J-Village
Participants Players' team coaches
Coaching National coaching staff, national training centre's coaches (of these 4, 1 will be the main person in charge of coaching)
Contents ・common vision about Nadeshiko 
・Lectures about Nadeshiko Japan's concept(lecturer:Nadeshiko Japan's coach) 
・explanation of the contents of the training ' before the training) 
・response to questions about the training ( during the training / after the training) 
・practical training  contents of training menu adopted in practice 
・meeting with National coaching staff 
・medical meeting
Refresh points 20 points (for Class ABC coaches ・ no coaching practice・ as 2 days course)
Subsidy Accommodation expenses for 1 night and transportation expenses for one-way are paid by JFA./ It is necessary to submit the request of dispatch to the affiliated association.
Players Development
The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

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