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HOME > SAMURAI BLUE > International Friendly Match 10/13 TOP > NEWS > SAMURAI BLUE tune up elaborately in 2 groups for Iran clash


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SAMURAI BLUE tune up elaborately in 2 groups for Iran clash

11 October 2015

SAMURAI BLUE tune up elaborately in 2 groups for Iran clash

SAMURAI BLUE (Japan National Team) had training on Saturday 10 October for the international friendly against Iran to be held on Tuesday 13 in the Iranian capital Tehran.

It was their second day in Tehran with the temperature of 25 degrees after arriving from Oman, whose daytime temperature reached 40 degrees. Under the blue sky that reminds us of autumn, the training took place in consideration of players' condition just like the day before, as the squad was divided into two groups of those who started the match against Syria and those who did not in Muscat, Oman on 9th in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Asian Qualifiers Round 2.

While the former centred the practice on running and worked on other training such as fitness training with balls, juggling, passing drills and trunk training, the latter went through running and physical training before moving onto sprint training, passing drills in a group of five and a 5 on 5 game-style scrimmage with goalkeepers.

Goalkeepers had workouts separately such as saving drills against shots through dribbles in the box.

"In the passing practice, I was aware of sprinting and the quality of it while moving around. I'm trying to play well with any player," said defender SHIOTANI Tsukasa (Sanfrecce Hiroshima), whom coach Vahid HALILHODZIC called up for the first time as a right back. He seemed to brace himself up for the match against Iran three days away.

Forward USAMI Takashi, who was sent on in the second half in the Syria match and brought the attacking rhythm and goal-scoring opportunities to the team, said, "In passing exchanges, it's important to simply make use of my teammates and let them make use of me when getting into the box."

Iran stand in 39th place on the FIFA rankings ahead of Japan in 55th place. The Iran side drew with Oman 1-1 in the Asian Qualifiers Round 2 on 9th but still keep the top spot with a record of two wins and two ties in Group D.

Forward HONDA Keisuke (AC Milan) said, "My impression on Iran is they’ve got physical intensity. It's a training match, but we must win it. That applies to the opponents as well. It's going to be very tough, but young players also understand its meaning.”

The practice session of the day was open to public, as the local Japanese association visited the site with their family and watched players' moves from the grandstands with keen interest.

The match is scheduled to kick off at 5 p.m. (10:30 p.m. Japan time) on Tuesday 13 at Azadi Stadium.

Players' Comments

FW USAMI Takashi (Gamba Osaka)
As well as letting my teammates make use of me in combination, I need to work with them well and make use of them. As creating more of such situations, I need to show my own distinctive plays like individual dribbling, and I felt in the Syria match it's important to use such options at the right time.

(Speaking of the penalty Okazaki gained) You've got to not only keep it in mind to get a foul but also increase the number of plays to get into the penalty box. Intelligence is also important. I'm working hard to get a starting spot for the Iran match, and I think everyone needs to have such mindset.

DF SHIOTANI Tsukasa (Sanfrecce Hiroshima)
We have been practising since we got in Oman, and there is no problem with the condition. I haven't seen video footage of Iranian matches, but I heard they are really strong. I want to play against them on the pitch. I'm always mentally ready to play at the right back position.

I don't know who I play with, but I'm trying to play well with any player. I think my teammates understand my strength. I still need to claim what I want and I want to listen to my teammates' opinions as well. When attacking, I hopefully leave something on it such as shooting.

FW HONDA Keisuke (AC Milan/Italy)
In the Iran match, I'm not sure how much we can improve what we got as homework last time. But even in this short period of preparation time, I believe we can prepare some parts in terms of playing with teammates being closer. For example improving accuracy in detail and setting up a right distance.

Considering we had some gap in our game plan because Syria unexpectedly came forward in the first half, we will get ready for either way the opponents put pressure on us or they do not. And we never repeat that error. We've got a picture in our head putting pressure right after giving the ball away, but how well we can actually embody that on the pitch is the key.


JFA-TV (Japanese virsion only)

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