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HOME > SAMURAI BLUE > KIRIN CHALLENGE CUP 2014 9/5 TOP > NEWS > Samurai Blue get to work with full squad - 2nd day of Sapporo Camp


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Samurai Blue get to work with full squad - 2nd day of Sapporo Camp

03 September 2014

Samurai Blue get to work with full squad - 2nd day of Sapporo Camp

On the second day of their training camp in Sapporo for their Uruguay match in the 2014 Kirin Challenge Cup of 5th September at Sapporo Dome, SAMURAI BLUE (Japan men's national team) had all the 23 players on 2nd as seven of them arrived late because they had just played games on their clubs.

During the practice session, which wound up lasting for nearly two hours, the team had 6-on-4s, 5-on-5s and mini-games switching the groups quickly while they went through shooting practice in which the players would fire shots with crosses from both sides, changing their positions to receive the ball as well as the types of crosses.

As in the previous day, Aguirre talked to the players at the beginning, saying, ''We are going to work on things from today's practice in order to win the Asian Cup,'' to raise their motivation level, while the coach also exchanged words with those who joined the team from that day, including forward OKAZAKI Shinji (FSV Mainz 05) and HONDA Keisuke.
''Coach's trying to get himself involved in ourselves,'' said Okazaki, who looked that he got favorable feelings with the new boss. ''It makes us easier to communicate with him, so it's great.''
Meanwhile, Honda address about the new-look squad that has five newly-called-up players, saying, ''It feels afresh. We have a few days, so we will be able to take communications with a lot of the players and we do need to know what kind of players they are.''

The Japan team will take on Venezuela at International Stadium Yokohama on the 9th, after their Uruguay match on the 5th.


FW OKAZAKI Shinji(1.FSVMainz 05)
When you have a new coach, your training gets new. We worked on different sessions with better tempo and I believe that we are going to go through training that we've never done later on. As to the three-forward formation, we were using one that looked like a three-forward one and I would just like to showcase my strength, acknowledging what I'm asked to do. I have a high motivation and once we get together here at the Japan national team, we want to win. So we are going to do the best we can in order to win.

DF SAKAI Gotoku(VfB Stuttgart)
As we have newer players, I feel that our competitions will be harder, but I want to focus on staying on the team in every training camp. Whether it's at my club or at the national team, it's important for me to focus on developing my performance, being aware of it.

FW TANAKA Junya(Sporting)
For me, it's been a while to be here since the last time out, so it'll be necessary to give some impact and since I'm a little older in this group, I want to lead them. I hope to showcase my strength, which is to win in physical battles that I'm feeling in Portugal. (On the travel from Europe to Japan) I've experienced it with Kashiwa Reysol in the AFC Champions League, so I want to do the best based on it.

FW HONDA Keisuke(AC Milan)
It's totally different that you come back having scored a goal and having not scored a goal, so I think that I will be able to get in the games with better mental condition. Particularly, I want to get involved in scoring plays offensively and provide what I've experienced at Milan to the team. (On the new reign) I know I will have to show another phase of myself and I intend to do so. I've just begun my own reform, but hopefully I will be able to show the process of me transforming.


  • FW HONDA Keisuke

  • MF MORIOKA Ryota

  • FW OKAZAKI Shinji


Friday, 5 September 2014  vs. Uruguay National Team 
Hokkaido/Sapporo Dome
Kick Off at 19:25 (estimate time)/Open 16:25 (estimate time)
More Information

Tuesday, 9 September 2014  vs. Venezuela National Team
International Stadium Yokohama/Kanagawa
Kick Off at 19:20 (estimate time)/Open 16:20 (estimate time)
More Information

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