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J.League Referee Refresher Courses held online

15 July 2020

J.League Referee Refresher Courses held online

During the suspension period of the J.League, online refresher courses and workshops were held for the referees. With the J1/J2 season resuming and the J3 season kicking-off, refresher courses were held online during the period of 19 – 23 June.

Instructor’s Comment

OGIYA Kenji, Instructor
After seeing the season getting suspended due to the affects of COVID-19, J.League has finally returned, as the J2 season resumed and the J3 season kicked-off on 27 June, while the J1 season has also restarted on 4 July. During the suspension period, online refresher courses and workshops have taken place to allow J.League referees to polish their skills. Ahead of the season restart, the J2 referee refresher course was held on the 19th and 21st of June, while the J3 refresher course and the J1 refresher course took place on the 21st and 23rd respectively. At these courses, referees went through topics like contact plays, handball rules, and new regulations. The participants concluded the courses by sharing a message to prioritise their own health before carrying out their duty as a referee. This is an unprecedented season for all of us. We hope to see the referees and coaches work together to make this a wonderful season, and we will make sure to support them as much as possible.

Participants’ Comments

NISHIHASHI Isao, Class-1 Referee (Osaka)
Following the 125 day suspension period, J.League has finally restarted. First of all, I would like to take this moment to thank all the people who have supported our daily lives.

At the refresher course, Mr. Ray OLIVER shared us with stories of the current situation surrounding the Premier League, which has restarted earlier. Leagues from different countries are taking various measures to conduct their matches. Playing matches without spectators can create a unique atmosphere, but we were advised that “it is important to focus on your tasks” regardless of the circumstance. Mr. Ogiya and Mr. Miyajima have lectured us on ways to look at contact plays, how the linesmen should support the referee, and regarding accurate offside decisions. We also had the opportunity to go over all the topics covered in the online workshops held during the suspension period, which allowed us to get on the same page before the restart of 2020 season. Although we are facing a unprecedented circumstance, along with the players, staffs, and everybody involved in football, the “referee team” is committed to give the utmost efforts in each judgement to deliver joy and courage to the viewers.

SAKURAI Daisuke, Class-1 Referee (Chiba)
While courses were being cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19, we were able to hold an online workshop session. At the workshop for J2 assistant referees, we discussed the topics of “offside” and “ways to cooperate with the referee.” During a case study on errors surrounding “offside” decisions, we shared opinions on why the error occurred, measures that can be taken to prevent errors, and other external factors that should be considered. While discussing “ways to cooperate with the referee,” we exchanged opinions on how information should be communicated to the referee. Although it was an online workshop, through face to face discussions with our peers, we were able to hold a productive session. With each league back running again, there can be many unexpected incidents, but we will give our best efforts while prioritising the safety of everyone involved.

MATSUZAWA Yoshikazu, Class-1 Referee (Kanagawa)
Ahead of the kick-off of the J3 season, a pre-season refresher course was held online. At the session, we went over topics such as, “understanding contact plays,” “physical training,” “regulation changes,” and “reviewing the operational aspect ahead of the J.League restart.” Especially regarding contact plays, we held many case studies by reviewing game footages to understand the entire process of each contact. The J.League is striving to showcase “exciting matches that are intense and fair,” and decisions surrounding contact plays can be a crucial aspect when managing a match. Us referees must prepare ourselves in the best way possible to allow the players to showcase their full potential and help the league carry out exciting matches that are intense and fair.

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