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Class S Coach Training Course 2023 Module 1/Intensive Course (2) Participant's Report Vol. 3

09 May 2023

Class S Coach Training Course 2023 Module 1/Intensive Course (2) Participant's Report Vol. 3

Class S Coach Training Course 2023 Module 1, which started on 8 April, is now in its third and final week. Using the experiences and knowledge acquired up to the A-levels, the participants have been engaging in lively discussions in the practical coaching sessions, which are conducted in groups, with each session serving as a teaching tool for all the participants.

Tutors will visit each participant's team over the course of the next month and a half prior to the start of Module 2 to address problems on an individual basis in order to make the limited time they have more productive.

We will continue to report on how the 20 participants are developing their skills in each Module.

Module1 Intensive Course ②

Duration: Mon. 24 - Thu. 27 April

Mon. 24 April PM Leadership development programme: TANAKA Tomoko (Oppochu Corporation)
Professional coaching theory: UKISHIMA Bin (JFA Class S Instructor)
Activities of JFA/promotion: NAKAYAMA Masao (Director of JFA Promotion Department)
Tue. 25 April AM Coaching session
PM Coaching session review: UKISHIMA Bin (JFA Class S Instructor)
Observation of U-22 Japan National Team training
Professional coaching theory: OIWA Go (Head Coach of U-22 Japan National Team)
Wed. 26 April AM Coaching session
PM Conditioning overview: KANNO Atsushi, YASUMATSU Mikinobu (JFA Physical Fitness Project)
Thu. 27 April AM Coaching session
PM Conditioning periodisation: KANNO Atsushi, YASUMATSU Mikinobu (JFA Physical Fitness Project)
Professional coaching theory: TOGASHI Koichi (Head Coach of U-20 Japan National Team)
Brain-storming: Professor USAMI Makoto (Kyoto University)

Cooperation in dispatching support players: Nippon Sport Science University, Chuo Gakuin University, Wakon Soccer School, Chiba SC

Participant's Comments

Mr. ONO Tomoyoshi (Yokohama FC)
The much anticipated Class S Coach Training Course has already entered the second intensive course of Module 1.

During the morning practical coaching session, the participants were divided into groups, each taking on the role of “head coach, assistant coach, goalkeeping coach, and physical coach.” Each coach would contribute their ideas and work out the specifics to improve the training while being aware of the head coach's tactical intentions as we developed a coaching plan. The discussions provided me with a wealth of knowledge, insights, and advice, including training suggestions and new perspectives on football that I hadn't considered before. I was also able to appreciate the value of establishing relationships with other coaches by putting myself in their positions.

In the afternoon we took a lecture on Leadership development programme by Ms. TANAKA Tomoko. Prior to the lecture, each participant completed a self-evaluation test and had a personal profile created. The profile was quantified in seven categories, giving an insight into their own strengths as leaders, how they perceive things and their values. Through this lecture, I was able to better understand my personal traits and strengths as well as consider what kind of coach I want to be in the future.

In the lecture on Professional coaching theory, Mr. UKISHIMA Bin talked about what to keep in mind when signing a contract and the relationship between the coach and the team, while Mr. NAKAYAMA Masao, Director of the JFA Promotion Department, gave us a lecture on grassroots. I discovered that all players currently playing for clubs in the J.League and abroad have come out of grassroots, and that the national team benefits from this as well. I was also strongly reminded of the importance of grassroots, that we can further develop football in this country by creating opportunities for the football family to have a lifelong connection with football.

On the second day, we observed the training session of the U-22 Japan National Team, followed by a Q&A session with coach OIWA Go, where he spoke about the aims of today's training and his own experiences as a coach. I was struck by coach Oiwa's candour and openness throughout the session as he responded to our questions, and I got a sense of how kind and giving he is as a person.

The final session of Building and practising communication by Mr. HIKITA Yoshiaki took place on Day three. The goal of the course was to learn about communication theories that can be used to move many people's hearts and minds, and to be able to apply them in practice. At the end of the lecture, we had the nerve-wracking experience of making a speech in front of everyone on the premise that we had been appointed as the head coach of the Japan National Team.

We then discussed the topic “How to evaluate the physical characteristics of a football player” in the Physical conditioning overview by Mr. YASUMATSU Mikinobu.

On the fourth day, we took part in a brainstorming session and lecture given by Mr. TOGASHI Koichi, Head Coach of U-20 Japan National Team, who talked about his own journey as a coach and the events that shaped his current coaching philosophy. In the second brainstorming session by Professor USAMI Makoto of Kyoto University, we learned that in order to effectively solve problems, leaders must consider a variety of viewpoints, choose and reject advice from those around them, and choose the best course of action.

The participants experienced an intense four days filled with practical coaching sessions and lectures. Even though we still have a lot to learn in the month and a half leading up to the next module, we want to continue our personal development by sharing the challenges and insights we encountered during this course with our own teams.

Many thanks to those who actively engaged as support players during the four days of practical coaching sessions!


This project is funded by the Sports Promotion Lottery.


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