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U-19 Japan futsal squad – Second week of training camp starts in Nagoya

16 November 2016

U-19 Japan futsal squad – Second week of training camp starts in Nagoya

The U-19 Japan National Futsal Team short-listed squad began their second week of training camp in Nagoya from Tuesday 15 November.

On the previous week, the camp was held between 8 and 10 November in Aichi Prefecture, and a total of 18 players were assembled. For the current Nagoya camp, the same number of players were called up, but six members were replaced from the last gathering.

In a meeting before they started the camp, the national futsal team coach, Bruno GARCIA, came and encouraged the players. He explained the importance of understanding the relationship/position of the U-19 squad to the top national team. He also talked about his future expectations stating that both the top national team and the U-19 squad need to work together, sharing the same tactical ideas, and attain the best results in the AFC U-20 Futsal Championship next May.

Like last week, the team began their practice checking on the fundamentals of defence and offence in futsal. Because they had already gone through them, the players had a good understanding of the training and communicated much better compared to the week prior. They coordinated their plays much more smoothly today.

Subsequently, they moved to a training session in which Bruno coached the players. They worked on  3-on-3 drills on a smaller pitch. The main themes of these exercises were how you put pressure on the opponents and corner them and how to avoid getting cornered when you are pressured. Bruno stopped plays frequently and gave detailed instructions to the players. The more they worked on, the more they got to understand their team tactics, making it a high-quality practice session.

In the last day of their two-day camp tomorrow, the team will have a training match against NAGOYA OCEANS SATELLITE.

Players' Comments

We began our training by checking on the fundamentals of our defence and offence. They were similar to what we'd done last week, but it was more difficult with higher quality. By having a better understanding of our defensive concept, we would like to meet the expectation of our coach on the pitch. Offensively, I would like to display my strength more in tomorrow's practice.

We worked mainly on our defence, which we've been concentrating on since the beginning of our training camp last week. Today, coach Bruno (of the national futsal team) gave us advices, and I think we had an excellent training as each of us understood our tactics better while we were practising hard.

This was the fourth day of our training day since we assembled last week, and now I feel that we are having a better understanding of the team tactics and our coach’s aim. Gradually, we are meeting the demands of our coach on the pitch. We have a training match tomorrow. We need to show our pride as a member of the national team and play to the best of our abilities.

Our training camp is running for the second straight week, and today we worked mainly on our defence. We had such an intense practice, where even our goalkeepers were asked to cover for our field player. We were a little confused at the beginning. I think we need to communicate more proactively and coordinate our efforts better in defence by sharing ideas and having the same vision within the team.


Tue. 15 November PM Training
Wed. 16 November AM/PM Training

*Schedule is subject to change due to team condition, weather, or any other unforseeable circumstances

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