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HOME > National Teams > NEWS > Three days to go before U-23 Japan National Team’s 1st match against DPR Korea!


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Three days to go before U-23 Japan National Team’s 1st match against DPR Korea!

11 January 2016

Three days to go before U-23 Japan National Team’s 1st match against DPR Korea!

With three days to go before the opening match, the U-23 Japan National Team and the staff attended an arrival meeting hosted by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) at an official hotel on the morning of 10 January.

After a welcome speech from the general coordinator of Grand Hamad Stadium, in which the team will play their first and second games, a memorial shield was given to the team. The coach TEGURAMORI Makoto received it on behalf of the team. In the referee assessor’s lecture, new changes to the rules, including offside and fouls, were explained in detail with video.

After the meeting, there was a shoot for the players’ introductory photos for the big screens in the Stadium and TV. Those official events showed that the championship was finally starting.

The team held a meeting before lunch.

SAMURAI BLUE (Japan National Team), who have experienced the Olympics, sent a video message to the players. The Young Samurais were eagerly listening to it, while staring at the senior players they look up to. Then the coach Teguramori encouraged the players: "although enthusiasm is vital, we cannot let it slow our judgment. A balanced mind to play calmly throughout the championship will be essential." The players prepared themselves calmly, but strongly prior to the final qualifiers.

In a practice session from 16:00, the team practiced ball techniques, passing and controlling in attack and defence, followed by some power training focusing on speed. They also did some 2-on-2 and 3-on-2 with goalkeepers, and then moved onto 5-on-4 and 4-on-5 with two servers to finish the session on 10 January.

The temperature was 20 degrees, which was a large change from yesterday. The cold wind on the pitch calmed the players’ excitement prior to the opening game. With three days to go before the AFC U-23 Championship (Rio de Janeiro Olympics Asian Qualifiers Final), the team will hold two practice sessions on 11 January. They will have an open session at the match site, the Grand Hamad Stadium, in the afternoon.

Coach and Players' Comments

TEGURAMORI Makoto, Coach
We held a meeting to encourage the players at a hotel. By sharing our thoughts and the goals we must achieve, I feel a stronger spirit from the players for the championship. The advice given in the meeting by SAMURAI BLUE, who have experienced the Olympics, was really precious. Listening to their advice prior to the championship is a big advantage for the players. I am really appreciative of SAMURAI BLUE for sending messages. There were so many tips in the message for the team to become more united. I bet the players were pleased that SAMURAI BLUE cared about them and I’m sure they will show their appreciation in their performance.

The players stayed focused well in today’s session and there was a good atmosphere around the team. As it’s a good opportunity for our country, team, and individuals to display our abilities to the world, the players are very eager. I believe we got ourselves in a good condition without any regrets so far. I think the team will face the first game with a ready-to-go attitude.

GK #23  NIEKAWA Ayumi (Sagan Tosu)
Keeping a clean sheet to win two consecutive games against Syria and Vietnam, whom we’ll meet in the final qualifiers, gave us positive momentum and confidence. Having excellent goal scorers can be a threat for the opponent. The first match will draw attention. So as it’s vital to win and earn points there, I’d like to focus on that match. I’d like to play hard and get a positive result for NAKAMURA Kosuke. As I expect tough games, I’d like to play as a united team to get through.

DF #12  MUROYA Sei (Meiji University)
I think the team is doing very well, being able to play as the coach requests. Although I’m pleased to be selected to play for the final qualifiers, now I feel a stronger responsibility for booking a place in the Olympics. It’s vital to win through with my teammates. We sometimes couldn’t play harmoniously in attack, but we started to play with more coordination to get passed the opponent. As the first match is essential, I’d like this team to become even more united to win.

MF #8  OHSHIMA Ryota (Kawasaki Frontale)
Although we may not be perfect yet, winning against Syria and Vietnam brought us so much confidence. Having said that, as there are some players with whom I haven’t played for a while, we need to work on some issues together. The games were very meaningful. We played better and better using our method in Asia, our team’s concept – to attack, aiming at the space behind the defenders.

Since the coming championship is the same format as the AFC U-19 Championship, in which we lost games, I’m determined to win this time. Through of the pressure of booking places for six consecutive championships, I think the team has become even more united.

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Mon. 11 January AM
Official training (@Grand Hamad Stadium)
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Knock-out stage  Quarter-Finals (If Japan top the Group)
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Tue. 26 January 16:30

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Knock-out stage  Semi-Finals (If Japan 2nd the Group)
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Thu. 28 January PM Training
Fri. 29 January 17:45 Knock-out stage  3rd/4th-Place Playoff
(@Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium)
Sat. 30 January 17:45 Knock-out stage  Final
(@Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium)
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