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SPORT FOR TOMORROW Japan-Central Asia U-15 Football Exchange gets underway

26 March 2015

SPORT FOR TOMORROW Japan-Central Asia U-15 Football Exchange gets underway

“SPORT FOR TOMORROW Japan-Central Asia U-15 Football Exchange Programme” has been underway at J-GREEN Sakai in Sakai, Osaka since Monday 23 March and is scheduled to end on Monday 30 March. As part of the programme, its football exchange tournament is competed between 10 teams from seven countries from Wednesday 25 March to Sunday 29 March.

Every team displayed intense plays not showing any sign of fatigue arising from the trip to Japan. And in their matches, they showed their own unique style of routines such as how to get into a match from warm-up and how to raise their concentration. The tournament is just friendlies that are intended as football exchange, but starting line-ups, substitutes and all staff members get together for a victory in heated contests. Having matches against countries that have different cultures and styles is expected to become a great experience for not only Japanese players but also each country’s players.

Players' Comments

Yodgorov Daler (Tajikistan U-15 Captain)
Looking back the two matches today (vs FC Tokyo U-15 Fukagawa & vs JFA Academy U-15), we played better in the first match against FC Tokyo Fukagawa. We scored in the second half of the second match but allowed too many goals in the first half. I felt both FC Tokyo Fukagawa and JFA Academy U-15 are skilful and extremely brilliant. There was strong wind that we don’t have in our home country, which made it difficult for us to play, but it is a good experience. I strongly feel like winning the upcoming matches. The tournament like this is at the highest level I have ever played. Japan is very beautiful and I got used to Japanese environment and climate.

Soatov Bakhromjon (Uzbekistan U-15 Captain)
I felt both teams are a very strong and skilled team, reviewing today’s two matches (vs Kyoto Sanga F.C.U-15 & vs Japan U-15). In the first match, we managed to win. But in the second match, we weren’t able to bring out our best because it was just after the first match and we were tired even though we replaced some players who got a leg cramp one after another. Japan’s U-15 team were very strong. We will do our best to win the next one. I got an impression Japan is a highly developed and beautiful country. Facilities are also excellent. I’m impressed how good this tournament is.

EGAWA Genki (Kyoto Sanga F.C.U-15 Captain)
I felt today’s two matches (vs Uzbekistan U-15 & vs Afghanistan U-15) had physical intensity that we hardly experience in Japan. How determined we are to represent the country could be seen in the intensity on the ball. We will look back the situations where we should’ve scored today and take advantage of the learning. Next time, we will get better finishing touch and definitely win the match. It’s very good for me to experience the level of other counties in the world by playing against overseas teams in a tournament like this.


What is Japan-Central Asia U-15 Football Exchange Programme?
It is a football exchange tournament starting this year by inviting youth teams from Japan and Central Asian countries. The tournament is held under the support from the Japan Sport Council as part of the “SPORT FOR TOMORROW” programme, an international contribution project led by the Japanese government.

More information

Entry teams of the programme

Group AGroup B
Tadzhikistan U-15
FC Tokyo U-15 Fukagawa
Kyrgyz U-15
Turkmenistan U-15
JFA Academy Fukushima/Kumamoto Uki U-15
Uzbekistan U-15
Kyoto Sanga F.C.U-15
Afghanistan U-15
Iran U-15
U-15 Japan
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