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Born in Fukushima on 11 April 1916

First plays football in his fourth year at elementary school, before playing at Kariya Junior High School, Waseda University Senior High School, Waseda University, and then at Hitachi from 1941.

Appointed as manager of the Waseda University football club in 1955, and leads the team to two consecutive Kanto University League titles. Leads the Japanese national team on a tour of China to help them prepare for the 3rd Asian Games in 1957, before taking the first ever Japanese national youth team assembled to third plays in the 1st Asian Youth Championships in 1959. Officially appointed as manager of the Japanese national team in 1960. Leads the national team in competitions including the qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup in Chile, the 5th Merdeka Tournament, and the 4th Asian Games, before spending two years alongside coach Dettmar Cramer training the Japanese national team ahead of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Appointed as manager of the struggling Hitachi club in 1969. Following four consecutive titles for Toyo Industries, the JSL was beginning to become dominated by the quick-paced Mitsubishi Heavy Industries team and the individual talents of Yanmar Diesel, but Takahashi emphasises the key element of "running". He quickly leads a team of no star players from the relegation zone to the upper reaches of the league, before winning the team's first ever titles in both the JSL First Division and the Emperor's Cup All-Japan Soccer Championship Tournament in 1972 that reminds Japanese football of the importance of the basics. Achieves further glory in the 55th Emperor's Cup All-Japan Soccer Championship Tournament in 1975 and revitalises a Hitachi football club with which he had been involved from the very beginning. Builds foundations for the future Kashiwa Reysol club, before retiring in 1976.

Serves as general secretary of the JSL from 1979 to 1986 and focuses efforts on revitalising the league, moving its offices away from the Japan Football Association and causing a stir with originally designed league posters.
Passes away in 2000.
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