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OZAWA Michihiro
Inductees Recommended by the Committee (Special Selection)
OZAWA Michihiro
Born in Tochigi on 25 December 1932

First Japan international cap in qualifier for Melbourne Olympic in 1956 and contributed in qualifying for the Olympic game. Led a team as a captain and key defender, had been international cap for around 10 years and played 95 caps.

Started playing football in Tochigi Utsunomiya high school and participated in all Japan high school for three straight years. Second place in the 28th tournament when he was sophomore and won the championship in the 29th tournament. Played as regular player since first year student at Tokyo University of Education and won the championship of Kanto University League when he was junior, won the championship of all Japan University championship.

Joined Toyo Kogyo (currently Mazda) in 1955, the champion at All Japan Corporations Football Championship 1956, followed by second championship even though it was co-won by Furukawa Denko and awarded Footballer of the Year. Continually played as a captain even after Japan Soccer League (JSL) started in 1965. Played as key defence player in the possession-oriented team of pass attack and consecutive victory for the 1st to 3rd JSL championship, (the four straight victory till 1968 for Toyo Kogyo) and led to the first triumph of 1965 Emperor’s Cup – All Japan Football Championship.

After retiring as football player, held key positions in Mazda – vice president of Mazda North America, Director of General Affair of HQ. Assigned to Head of Football Dept. after Mazda relegated to division 2 of JSL. Played an integral role in organizing professional football team in Hiroshima with pillar of Mazda and formed Sanfrecce Hiroshima (1992).

Trained overseas Japanese kids when he was in Melbourne in 1971, started Aki Fuchu Soccer Sport Shonendan in 1975 and has been active in coaching elementary school kids for 40 years.
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