FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Japan Bid Activity

Message from the Chairman

Japan’s passion for women’s football, unparalleled infrastructure, and wealth of international athletic experience make us the ideal host for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023. We in Japan have a strong desire to harness the momentum built by the 2019 tournament in France to ensure women’s football continues to advance, expand, and ascend to a higher level, elevating it to a status parallel with that of the men’s game.

We firmly believe that Japan can make this happen.

We are fortunate to be one of the few nations to have been crowned as champions of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the only nation to have been victorious at every age level. Japan is profoundly aware of the positive impact the beautiful game can have on both individuals and society.

We believe sport is transformative, bringing together people and cultures that might not otherwise have an opportunity to engage. Football creates goodwill both on and off the pitch, while building character, creating heroes, and inspiring children to dream. In this spirit, the Japan Football Association conducts a range of social activities in schools and communities that contribute to a better society.

Witnessing top-class entertainment before our own eyes changes the world. When embracing such wonderful experiences, differences in race, gender, and cultures disappear. That thrill moves people, removing barriers and embracing all aspects to ensure we become one.

This is what we want to achieve at the Women's World Cup in Japan in 2023.

Chairman, Japan 2023 Bid Committee
President, Japan Football Association

The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values