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“Japan's Way as a National Football Philosophy” Concept Movie

Japan's Way as a National Football Philosophy

Japan Football Association (JFA) has formulated “Japan's Way as a National Football Philosophy” and will disseminate it as a vision to be shared with all football stakeholders across the country.

“Japan's Way” is a roadmap to bridge the gap between the present and the future, working backwards from the “ideal state” of what Japanese football would be like if the dream set out in The JFA Declaration, 2005 – “to have 10 million football families and win the FIFA World Cup™ by 2050” - were to be realised.

In an effort to further develop Japanese football, JFA has been promoting the “quaternity” approach in which the four sections of “National team's strengthening,” “Youth development,” “Coaches training,” and “Grassroots,” share the same knowledge and information to maintain a close relationship between each other. In addition to this approach, we intend to share the newly formulated “Japan’s Way” to football families across the country, further discuss the approach, and create an action plan to carry out our vision.

To realise a future in which “Japan lift the World Cup trophy,” we aim to become a country where everyone involved in football can enjoy playing football and live a happy life, and to build a system that can combine the strength of the entire nation to take on variety of challenges.

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1. Prologue
 Japan's Way; WHY?
2. Building a football culture
3. What makes an ideal player?
4. Play Vision
5. Japan's youth development for the future
 1:Key stages of development
 2:Our vision for elite youth development
6. The future of physical fitness
7. Who are the future football coaches?
 Lead Asia and further develop world-class coaches!
8. Expanding the Football Family

7. Who are the future football coaches?
The Japan Football Association (JFA) here announce ‘Japan’s Way’ as our National Football Philosophy, to share with the football stakeholders all over the country.
Imagine how we would like to be when we realise the JFA Declaration, 2005; “the Football Family of Japan will be 10 million strong, we will host the FIFA World Cup™ in Japan, and the Japan National Team will be the Champion.”. Japan’s Way is the path to achieve this dream.
We have been emphasising the four key factors “Strengthening national teams”, “youth development”, “coach education”, and “grassroots” to develop football in Japan. Sharing and discussing this ‘Japan’s Way’ with our football family all over Japan, we will make action plans to realize the vision.
“Winning the World Cup” – We will put every effort from all over Japan to build a firm system to challenge various issues so that all our football family from grassroots to professional players can enjoy playing football make Japan the happiest country in the world through football.

Japan’s Way Project leader
The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values